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10 Beautiful Modern Fire Pits for Your Backyard


Black basket fire pit

As interior designers, we spend a good amount of time thinking about the great indoors, but once this time of year rolls around, we can’t help but want to get outside and soak up as much of the season as possible. This doesn’t mean, however, that we ever get out of our decorating mindset. While carpets, lights, and beds aren’t exactly the most practical items for outdoor life, there are most certainly ways to spruce up your home’s outdoor areas: patio furniture, picnic tables, hammocks, and—our favorite—a good ol’ fire pit.

When it comes to summer entertaining, there’s nothing like a warm evening spent around a beautiful, roaring fire. Perfect for s’mores, stories, or just a nice glass of wine, fire pits provide the perfect gathering place for friends and family. We’ve scoured the web for 10 beautiful fire pits that will look great in any backyard.

Minmalist Fire Pit

minimal tripod fire pit

Tripee Fire Pit by AK47

Steel Fire Pit Cube

steel fire pit cube

Geometric Fire Pit

geometric fire pit

Stone Base Fire Pit

stone base fire pit

Basket Fire Pit

basket fire pit

Black Iron Fire Pit

black cast iron fire pit

Large Square Fire Pit

taupe square fire pit

Sleek Gray Fire Pit

gray stone fire pit

Wire Fire Pit

wire basket fire pit

Iron Pedestal Fire Pit

iron pedestal fire pit

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