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Top 10 Modern Lighting Makers We Love


minimal globe lamp

If there is one single piece of decor that can instantly change the look and feel of a space, it’s lighting. Whether you’re looking to add visual interest to a space with a beautiful focal point or trying to subdivide a room without putting walls up, a little bit of carefully-placed lighting can go a long way. From setting the mood to making a splash, from helping you to read more comfortably to helping to lift your mood, there is a light for practically any purpose.

Today we’re taking a look at ten of our favorite lighting craftsmen and manufacturers, each of whom is changing the way we think about this age-old concept.

Lukas Peet Pendant Light

brass tube pendant light

Vancouver-based designer Lukas Peet creates lighting that defies preconceived notions, toeing the line between function and art. This pendant light from his “Rudi” series hangs tied from its cord, looking both substantial and delicate at the same time.

Pletz Table Lamp

retro wood table lamp

Allied Maker Table Lamp

round brass desk light

Robert Debbane Pendant Light

3D printed pendant light

OneFortyThree Table Lamp

black tripod table lamp

Souda Pendant Lamp

white porcelain pendant light

Stone & Sawyer Table Lamp

white ceramic table lamp gray shade

Patrick Weder Honeycomb Light

Honeycomb Light Sculpture

Fort Standard Sconce

marble brass wall sconce

Michael Anastassiades Table Light

brass table lamp globe light

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