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Easy Ways to Add Natural Elements to your Urban Abode

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Bring nature into your apartment

Being out in nature has the ability to calm the mind, and refreshen the body. But if you live in a metropolitan city, chances are that you don’t get to spend enough time out in the woods, or by the beach. For a life in short supply of natural landscapes, follow our guide to adding natural elements to your urban abode.

Image via Anne Li West.


houseplants succulents nature

One of the easiest ways to incorporate nature in the home is to purchase houseplants. Big, leafy, and green plants are great accent pieces for any room, and smaller plants, such as succulents, make for wonderful table additions.

But keep in mind, winter is coming. If you want some helpful tips for keeping your green friends alive during the colder months, check out our guide to keeping plants alive through the winter.

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Wood Furniture

reclaimed wood solid teak

For a textured, yet modern space, wood furniture pieces are a highly effective addition. Solid teak and reclaimed wood pieces are particularly satisfying in the living room and kitchen.

And adding in wood products doesn’t mean chopping down the whole rainforest. If you’re looking for some sustainable ways in incorporate wood furniture, check out our guide to sustainable designers.

Image via Natural Child World.

Art Pieces that Incorporate Nature

horse natural photograph black white

Well-curated art is essential to any contemporary home. If you’re looking to incorporate some natural elements around the house, consider skipping the usual abstract-expressionist pieces, and going for a few natural images. Monochrome photographs of animals are a great way to instill a sleek, yet natural aesthetic.

Check out the black and white horse photograph that we placed in the bedroom of this SoHo duplex renovation.

Coffee Table Decorations

coffee table natural objects

Coffee tables are often overlooked as spaces to show off your personal style. Save enough room for a few drinks and a charcuterie board, but don’t be afraid to add in a few table-top decorations, as this is an ideal place in the home to incorporate natural elements.

Check out the coffee table we styled in this San Francisco Market Street apartment.

Natural Sunlight

sheer curtains natural sunlight

One way to give your modern home a natural refresh is to try and incorporate more sunlight. If your curtains or drapes are a dark color or a heavier material, they could be blocking out precious sunlight. For rooms that need a bit more sun, incorporate sheer white drapes, which will give your room a modern finish, while allowing the sun to shine on.

Check out the sheer curtains that we used in the living room of this light-filled apartment redesign.


marble countertops bathroom tub

Marble is one of our favorite materials to decorate with, as it brings a modern, yet natural look to any space. Adding marble countertops in the kitchen, or marble pieces in the bathroom, is a great way to add an elegant, yet natural finish to almost any space in your home.

For a bit of renovation inspiration, check out the marble bathroom from the Manhattan brownstone we renovated.

Decorate with Branches

branches fall winter decorations

If you tend to forget to water your houseplants, but still want to incorporate a few natural elements, consider decorating with large branches. They’re particularly apt for fall the fall and winter seasons.

Check out the branches that we incorporated throughout this Sag Harbor weekend getaway.


geodes bookends

If you want to incorporate some geological elements without a major marble remodel, try adding in some geodes. They can be placed as decorative pieces on a living room coffee table, or can work as more functional objects, such as bookends on a shelf, or paperweights on a desk.

Image via Pottery Barn.

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