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Silicon Valley Entrepreneur’s One 57 Luxury Condo Transformation

Before & After

Stunning Transformation One 57

Along Central Park South you can find One57, a towering architectural treasure nicknamed “The Billionaire Building.” This building sits between sixth and seventh avenues in Manhattan’s renowned midtown neighborhood, making it the quintessential New York City property.  After purchasing a condo on one of the building’s upper floors, a Silicon Valley tech investor reached out to Decor Aid seeking help with creating an interior worthy of this gorgeous modern residence.

Upon arriving our New York interior designers were awed by floor-to-ceiling windows with an amazing view of Central Park, immediately standing out as one of the apartment’s defining features. We knew the windows would be our formative design inspiration and our greatest design challenge. We resolved to create a modern, unique and vividly colorful space, with low-profile, silhouettes to emphasize the view.


Before Transformation One 57 living room


After transformation One 57 Living room

The living area was the first room on our list. Our Designers sourced a luxuriant area rug from ABC Carpet, which set the stage for a fascinatingly classic and contemporary neutral palette. Adding in a stylish coffee table and trendy yet comfortable armchairs from Holly Hunt that emphasized the color palette, while incorporating a duet of orange leather table lamps from Armani/Casa that added a pop of orange that is mirrored throughout the living room.

Before and After

Before and After Transformation One 57 dining room

Continuing with the classically contemporary theme our interior designers procured a circular marble table from Holly Hunt which is framed by four Dennis Miller chairs.  Edelman Leather was used to reupholster the dining chairs which aided in the continued flow of this comfortably sleek home. A Lindsey Adelman branching chandelier, which features crystalline orbs, for an unobstructed view, was installed which helped the room break away from the living space and established the dining area.


Before One 57 master bedroom transformation


After One 57 master bedroom Transformation

The master bedroom has a fantastic view, like most of the apartment, yet still felt dark and dreary. So our interior designers set out to brighten the room. Although the rich dark brown furniture was sourced to maintain an air of masculinity, we arranged several items in bright blues and oranges, to add pops of color. Our client can now wake up feeling refreshed and ready each morning.

Before and After

Our client travels to New York City for work once a month so we created an active work area with a Desiron desk and an office chair from Design Within Reach. To give this spectacular condo a fitting entrance, we sourced a Christa console table and a bench from Holly Hunt, which will wow each visitor while rounding out the interior decor of the entire home. The final result was  a dynamic and contemporary space that’s ready for our client’s next work or leisure trip to New York City.

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