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How to Organize Your Stylish Desk

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Whether you are looking to fashion a home office, or upgrade your existing workspace, having an neat and tidy desk is an important part of staying organized and getting the job done. But anyone can toss out a few stray papers and throw their pens into a plastic cup. It takes a stylish eye to create a workspace that is truly reflective of your personality and work ethic. Follow our guide to organizing and styling a desk that will make all of your coworkers envious.

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Clear the Room

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The first step to upgrading your office space is clearing everything off your desk. Starting with a blank slate will allow you to reorganize and rearrange your desk in a way that is both productive and stylish.

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Get Vertical

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No matter where you are working from, desk space is almost always in short supply. To maximize the surrounding space, install book shelves, memo boards, and hanging wall organizers. This will keep you organized, and if done correctly, will look as good as any wall decoration.

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Off the grid

wireless desk keyboard mouse

Wires and cables don’t just clutter your desk space, they can also get tangled up with office supplies, or a cup of coffee. So ditch your old keyboard and mouse for wireless versions, and you’ll be on your way to the space-age office you’ve always wanted.

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Charging dock

charging station desk

Along the same lines as a wireless mouse and keyboard, a charging dock for your smartphone can keep necessary but intrusive cables out of the way. 

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While the future may be paperless, your current office probably isn’t. Until you go 100% digital, you’ll need to organize your papers so that they’re out of sight, but easy to reach. Binders are a great way to organize loose pieces of paper, and will keep important documents from getting bent out of shape.

And if you’re looking for a few binders that diverge from the standard black and blue, check out Decor Aid’s guide to binders that will make a statement.

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Get Personal

andrea krueger personalized desk

Don’t go overboard with personal mementos, but adding the occasional photo or small knick-knack can add an individualized touch to your office space. If you want your desk to include a photo, don’t tape it to your desktop or wall. Place it in a sleek frame, so that it doesn’t diverge too much from the overall vibe that you are creating. And if you’ve got that coveted corner office, go bold, and hang a favorite work of art for a bit of midday creative inspiration.

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Stay hydrated

water carafe

Skip the trips to the office water cooler and stay hydrated throughout the day with a water carafe. But don’t just settle for any old jug. Your water carafe should match the rest of your stylish desk, and complement the existing elements of your workspace.

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Upgrade your office supplies

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Toss out that boring old stapler and dinky pencil cup for some more fashionable digs. And there is no shortage of designers that are creating stylish office goods that are also practical. If you need a few pointers on designers, check out Decor Aid’s guide to office supplies.

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And remember, practicality over everything else

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No matter how stylish your desk is, it still needs to be functional. Make sure any paper documents that you frequently refer to, or any supplies that you need consistently, are in close reach. Having an ergonomically positioned keyboard is essential as well.

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