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10 Beautifully Designed Pet Accessories For Your Home


mid century pet furniture

We’d venture to say that there are many out there who would make a similar claim, but you would be hard-pressed to find people who love their pets more than we do. Just as much family members as they are best friends and companions, there’s not a whole lot that we wouldn’t do for our furry friends. All of that said, we certainly feel your pain if your desire to dote upon your pet is in direct conflict with your desire to have an attractive home. Because, in all honesty—a plastic litter box can really bring down a great interior design scheme.

However, just as there is good and bad furniture for human beings, there is good and bad furniture for animals. While the aisles of the big-box pet supply chain might be brimming with all manner of undesirable, grotesquely-colored accessories, a bit of sleuthing can lead you to some truly beautiful pet furnishings that will complement and even heighten your home’s décor. From midcentury-style dog beds to trendy cardboard cat teepees, these are ten designs that will make both you and your pet happy.

Mid-Century Dog Bed

mid-century modern dog bed

Suzzuu’s Roxi L dog bed is inspired by 1950s modernism and uses a lovely grid-patterned fabric that is both throwback and on-trend.

Modern Dog Bed

modernist dog bed steel frame

With a handmade steel construction that echoes Le Corbusier’s LC2 chair design, this dog bed from Bowsers will look right at home in a modernist interior.

Dog Bed Hammock

dog bed hammock

This hammock-style dog bed from Pet Lounge Studios is a fantastic way to pamper the pet who has it all.

House Dog Bed

wood house shaped dog bed

One part modernist dog house, one part minimalist bed, the Pet House from M Pup Shop will satisfy your craving for beautiful design.

Wicker Cat Bed

wicker cat bed

Designed by Laia Fuste, this wicker construction is one part side table and one part kitten hangout—perfect for sharing some quality time with your cat.

Modernist Dog Bed

mid-century style wood dog bed

Pup & Kit’s Joey bed features a solid wood construction, handcrafted by local craftspeople in Toronto.

Bentwood Dog Bed

bentwood dog bed

With a bent plywood construction and upholstery featuring an Eames fabric, this lovely dog bed from CANOPYstudio is a treat for any midcentury modern enthusiast.

Mid-Century Pet Furniture

mid-century modern wood pet furniture

This piece from Modernistcat might look like a stylish credenza, but it’s actually a clever kitty litter/bed in disguise!

Graphic Cat House

striped cat teepee

This cardboard cat teepee from Love Thy Beast is affordable and adorable.

Orange Dog Bed

red and khaki dog bed

Love Thy Beast’s Flip Stitch bed is durable, reversible, and machine-washable! Oh, and it looks great, too.

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