Designer Obsession: Stylish and Gorgeous Plaid I Décor Aid


Designer Obsession: Stylish and Gorgeous Plaid


Plaid accent wall

In the spring, we turn toward gingham.  But in the fall, we’re all about plaid. And like gingham, plaid was initially a type of material, not a pattern. In fact, historically plaid was the type of garment or material, while the checked pattern was called tartan.  A plaid was actually a large long shawl – usually 10 x 5 feet – in fact, the kilt was known as ‘the belted plaid.’

It wasn’t until much later that the word ‘plaid’ came to mean any fabric that had a tartan pattern. When it comes to seeing the pattern in the home, we have Queen Victoria to thank. She was smitten with all thing Scottish and had her Highland summer home decked out, from top to bottom, in tartan. But you don’t have to have a Scottish castle to bring a little plaid home, see below for some plaid inspiration.

Gray Plaid Sofa

gray plaid sofa living room décor

By keeping the plaid patterns neutral, the pattern doesn’t overwhelm the space. Via The Design Files

Modern Plaid Chair

modern plaid chair

Plaid Statement Wall

plaid accent wall bedroom décor

Plaid Blanket

plaid blanket bedroom décor

Plaid Divan

eclectic living room decoration

Gray Plaid Dining Wall

plaid banquette breakfast nook

Plaid Dining Chairs

plaid dining chairs

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