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Patriotic Inspiration: Red, White and Blue Home Decor


Red white blue bedroom

Red, white, and blue is a tricky color combination to pull off in home decor. Much like orange and black is associated with Halloween and red and green is inextricably tied to Christmas, sometimes it’s impossible to implement certain color combinations without the end result looking like holiday decor. In the same way, red, white, and blue, however iconic, can look over the top instead of tasteful. But it is possible to decorate with this color palette in a way that feels fresh and unexpected. Get inspired by some of our favorite patriotic spaces.

Nautical-Inspired Living Room

red white blue coastal living room

In any space, there’s a danger in going overboard with a theme. In the case of this coastal living room, that could have happened with the nautical accents, the red-white-and-blue color scheme, or the collection of antique table fans. Fortunately, the designer exercised restraint, so the result is an inviting, eclectic beachy space. Take a note from this space and combine a variety of influences instead of focusing on one influence. Add accent pieces, like the crab pillow and octopus wall art, to communicate the nautical theme to keep things playful, not tacky.

Via Better Homes and Gardens

Beachy Bedroom

red white blue coastal bedroom

Blue and white are classic choices for a beach house bedroom (especially one on Cape Cod), but the addition of red accents gives in a preppy, playful vibe. Lobster-print throw pillows on the bed combined with crab and octopus wall art add just enough red to the space. Paired with trellis-print curtains and striped pillows and a bench, the pattern play in the space doesn’t feel overpowering, thanks in part to the fact that the bedroom has a bright white base.

Via Thistlewood Farms

Elegant Entryway

red hanging lantern blue-white cube seats

A guaranteed way to keep red, white, and blue looking fresh is to use it in unexpected ways. In this regal living room, the walls and moldings are painted white, but the ceiling is pale blue. A bright red lantern chandelier and matching sconces pop against the pastel shade. Square ottomans upholstered in a pale blue and red print tie the color palette together tastefully. Try combining pale colors with bright, bold shades for similarly stunning results.

Via Calling It Home

Traditional Living Room

red white blue decor coastal living room

You don’t need to hit people over the head with a color scheme in order to get your point across. In other words, every element doesn’t have to be red, white, and blue. This beachy living room gets it right with curtains, throw pillows, and a tufted ottoman in the same bold blue and white print. And though there’s a bright red bamboo chair, beige and coral accents balance the space and keep the look coastal.

Via Tuvalu

Striped Bedroom

blue bedroom red white striped bedding

A dramatic bed with a soaring headboard is upholstered in a striped suiting fabric and finished with nailhead trim in this tailored yet eclectic bedroom. The horizontally striped red and white bedding creates a juxtaposition, making the space feel relaxed and casual. Additional red accents tie the room together.

Via My Domaine

Whimsical Playroom

blue sectional dining set playroom

The upstairs playroom of this vacation home seems designed for relaxation, with its large blue sectional sofa and cozy-looking striped armchair. Cheeky, vibrant red, white, and blue throw pillows on the furniture and window seat add extra comfort, not to mention personality. A distressed dining set continues the nothing-is-precious theme. Red, white, and blue is great for casual spaces like this one, where you can play with a coastal or patriotic theme without worrying about the formality of the room.

Via Traditional Home

Modern Take

red metal chairs white table modern kitchen

Choosing a red, white, and blue color scheme doesn’t mean that you can’t go sleek and modern. This nearly all-white kitchen provides a perfect background for a bright set of red metal dining chairs grouped around an Saarinen-style dining table. An abstract piece of red, white, and blue wall art pops in the gallery-like space.

Via Better Homes and Gardens

Understated Living Room

navy walls red sofa striped pillows

When you equate red, white, and blue with the American flag and the Fourth of July, you might considering it to be a peppy, happy color combination (and you wouldn’t be wrong). But this living room showcases deeper, bolder shades that make for a more impactful, less peppy result. The rich red sofa contrasts beautifully with the dark navy walls, and the white matting on the wall art and stripes on the pillows looks especially crisp against the rich colors.

Via Red

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