Decked Out: Rooftops,Terraces And Backyards To Covet I Décor Aid


Decked Out: Rooftops,Terraces And Backyards To Covet


City view On terrace

Summer screams for some prime time outside. The concrete jungle we call home, however, does not always allow for the feeling of the great outdoors. Problem solved – we have rounded up our favorite urban hideouts that are achievable in the city.

Rooftop Garden

rooftop terrace lounge greenery

A lounge above the city via Freshome.

Urban Roof Nook

urban roof nook white sofa

New York Roof Garden

daybed pink throw pillows roof terrace

Rooftop Farm

urban rooftop farm

Grass Rooftop

grass roof city apartment

Brooklyn Roof Garden

urban apartment rooftop garden

New York Roof Deck

urban terrace design city views

Manhattan Roof Deck

private city roof deck design

Rooftop Sectional

white outdoor sectional patio design

Penthouse Patio

penthouse roof patio design

Bohemian Brooklyn Backyard

brownstone backyard bohemian style

Traditional Roof Deck

urban wood roof deck

Modern Concrete Patio

congrete contemporary urban patio design

Wood Patio Structures

wood structure urban patio

Outdoor Patio Fireplace

outdoor fireplace urban terrace design

Central Park Terrace View

new york city apartment terrace

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