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7 Space-Saving Tips for Your Master Bedroom

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As an interior design firm based in New York City, we’re constantly faced with the challenge of designing for small spaces. But a lack of space should never keep you from designing the master bedroom of your dreams. If you want to fit more than just a bed into your master bedroom, then you might want to consider some nifty space-saving tricks. Our senior designers have these seven space-saving tips for your master bedroom.

Floating Bedside Tables

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When trying to save a bit of space, try to find as many ways as possible to get furniture off the ground and onto the wall. Bedside tables are a great place to start. To keep this SoHo master bedroom from feeling cramped, we placed small floating shelves on either side of the bed.

Lucite Furniture

small bedroom tips lucite consoles

And if you do decide to go with a more traditional side table, consider a translucent material, like lucite. We placed two lucite consoles in the master bedroom of this Upper East Side apartment, to give our clients maximum functionality, without the heavy look of a more opaque material.

Built-In Storage

small bedroom tips built-in storage

Inch for inch, built-in storage is exponentially more practical than individual armoires and cabinets. While it’s certainly not a weekend DIY project, built-in storage is a worthwhile space-saving investment for your master bedroom. Devote a windowless wall to built-in storage and toss out any dressers and freestanding bookshelves. Check out how we got the look in this chic luxury condo.


small bedroom tips sconces

Saving space doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of furniture pieces. To give yourself a bit of extra room on your bedside tables, consider installing some sconces on the wall. They’re great for some late-night reading, and look great too. Check out the art deco sconces that we placed in this Upper East Side townhouse.

Floating Shelf

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If you’re designing a particularly narrow bedroom, then you might want to forgo bedside tables entirely. To give this master bedroom a bit of extra floor space, we installed a floating shelf behind the bed. It doubles as a bedside table and bookshelf, without taking up unnecessary space on either side of the bed.


small bedroom tips mirror

Mirrors are a great way to make any small space feel more expansive. And so if you’re trying to decorate a small bedroom, consider placing a mirror above the bed, in lieu of artwork. And if you’re selecting a rectangular mirror, it should be about the width of your bed frame. We sourced a chrome mirror to give the master bedroom in this pied-à-terre a luxe finish.

Platform Bed

small bedroom tips low-profile bed

When designing a small master bedroom, proportion is of the utmost importance. But one factor that often goes overlooked is height. Without forgetting your floor-plan, source furniture pieces that are low to the ground. In this waterfront luxury condo, a low-profile bed frame was the perfect option for maintaining a clear view of the Miami Harbor.

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