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8 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home

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spring cleaning new plants

The weather is warming, albeit slowly. And that means spring is here! While you might have a spring cleaning checklist that you bust out annually, you may be forgetting a few crucial places in your home. Don’t forget these easy-to-miss spring cleaning to-dos.

Declutter Your Shelves

spring cleaning declutter shelves

You’ve probably wiped down your shelves, but have you decluttered? Whether you donate it, toss it, or gift it, just get rid of it. Highlight your most precious decorative objects and ditch the rest. Check out the difference that some decluttering made in this Hoboken home showing.

Wash Your Curtains

spring cleaning wash curtains

To maximize the amount of natural light in your home, clean windows are essential. But don’t just give your windows a quick wash. Remember to also wash your curtains. Use your washing machine’s delicate cycle and hang dry. Or send out your curtains to the dry cleaners. In this light-filled apartment on the Upper East Side, clean curtains make all the difference.

Organize Your Kitchen

spring cleaning organize kitchen

It may be tempting to stop your spring cleaning at the fridge. But organizing your kitchen can have as big of an impact as tossing out the expired half-and-half. Storage containers are a great way to get started, but for ingredients and appliances you want to keep on the counter, use trays and bowls to keep everything looking organized. Check out the on-the-counter storage solutions we picked for this Westchester family home.

Show Your Area Rugs Some Love

spring cleaning area rug

The first step in deep cleaning your area rugs is to mop the area underneath your rug. Roll up your rug and bust out the swiffer. Then, use a deep-clean carpet service to tackle the rugs. Especially if you have a high-sheen area rug, like this Upper East Side luxury condo, a deep clean—on both sides—will make your rugs shine.

Wash Blankets and Throws

spring cleaning blankets throws

Blankets and throws are great for cozying up in the winter months. But they can also collect dust over time and can begin to smell. Unless they’re particularly delicate, toss blankets and throws in the washing machine like you would a load of laundry. And if you really want to get organized, coral your blankets and throws into baskets, like we did in this loft overlooking Union Square

Clean Your Light Fixtures

spring cleaning light fixtures

You might have to bust out a ladder or stand on someone’s shoulders, but cleaning your light fixtures is worth the hassle. Not only will your fixtures look better, but they’ll also give off more light. Check out the difference that clean light fixtures make in this chic TriBeCa loft.

Get New Plants

spring cleaning new plants

And when you’re done with your spring cleaning, reward yourself with some new plants! They’ll help freshen the air in your home and are a great design accessory as well. Whether they go on the floor, on the table, or hang from the wall, they’re a perfect way to cap off some spring cleaning. We love the plants in this Westchester family home.

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