Interior Design Lessons From Portugal’s Luz House I Décor Aid


Interior Design Lessons From Portugal’s Luz House


Luz House Exterior

Travel is one of the best ways to get creative inspiration, especially for designers. After all, there’s no better way to get exposed to new color combinations, patterns and architectural details than by stepping out of your usual environment. When we can’t get away, the next best thing is to look at the work of one of our favorite travel photographers, Sivan Askayo. When she’s not traveling the world, she splits her time between Tel Aviv and New York City .  Her work has appeared in Conde Nast Traveler, Elle Decor, AFAR Magazine and more. So, she knows a thing or two about uncovering beautiful hotels. Which is all to say that we nearly swooned over her photos of the color combinations at Luz Houses, located in the city of Fatima, Portugal.

The small eco hotel has only 15 rooms, and each one is thoughtfully designed. The masterminds behind the space are Pedro and Ana, who live next door with their two little daughters. Ana is a professional architect and she conceived of the furniture, the color scheme and all the little details that make this a magical place.

Luz Hotel Exterior

silver vespa portuguese design

Luz Hotel Dining

mint dining room décor

The color scheme of the interior is even carried outdoors where the turquoise lamp is paired with the red walls of the house.

Luz Hotel Dining Space

live edge dining table

The live edge slab table brings some visual texture and weight into the space while the turquoise chairs and table base keep it from feeling too heavy. The string of copper pendant lamps provide the perfect decorative accent.

Luz Hotel Design Details

all white living and dining area

White doesn’t have to be boring! There is so much fantastic texture in this space. Note the rough jute rug layered on the smooth concrete. And then the hard edges of the table and chairs are softened with pillows and cushions. It’s a great reminder to consider texture as well as color and pattern.

Luz Hotel Kitchenette

mint green dining chairs

The heart carved out of the back of the chair is just one of the many special details that makes this space feel unique.

Luz Hotel Bedroom

kitchen and dining room ideas

Each room has a little kitchenette. In this one, the turquoise details are a little more subtle and white plays a bigger color role.

Luz Hotel Decorative Details

accent wall hotel bedroom

Space-saving pendant lamps plays the role of bedside tables in this bedroom. Note the open plan bathroom — the tub is right next to the bed.

Flower Dining Table Centerpiece

flower dining table centerpiece

Even the flowers work within the color scheme! And the market tote is a perfect decorative touch.

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