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Tip Of The Week: How To Style With Triangles

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Green and brass dresser

For many people, the task of beautifully accessorizing a home can be an intimidating one, a conundrum akin to decoding ancient Sumerian or attempting mental long division. However daunting it may seem, though, getting your styling right can be as easy as 1-2-3—literally! “When you’re accessorizing your home,” our designer Frances says, “think triangles. Combine differently scaled objects with taller ones in the middle and smaller ones to the side or front.” Like the composition of a Baroque master’s painting, the diagonals created by a triangular structure will create subtle drama and guide your eye from object to object.

Eclectic Mantel Styling

Modern eclectic mantel styling blue accents

Image by Michael Graydon, via My Domaine.

Styling Objects

wooden bowl ceramic vase

Dresser Styling

green dresser saddle leather chair

Desk Styling

acrylic desk vintage wood chair

Coffee Table Styling

Pastel colored Scandinavian living room design

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