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Summer Design Trends That Last Year Round

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Just like your wardrobe, it’s important that your home reflects the changing seasons. But homes can’t (unfortunately) change with the seasons as easily as clothes can. If you’re looking for ways to give your home a chic, summery vibe without breaking the bank, then consider summer pieces that can last beyond this season. Our senior designers have these tips for summer design trends that work year round.

Layered Neutrals

summer design trends layered neutrals

Donning white after Memorial Day isn’t just for clothing. Summer is the perfect time to outfit your home with soothing neutral colors such as pale blushes, subtle blues, and grey that border on white. And while white clothing is contraband during the other nine months of the years, neutral colors in the home aren’t just a summer design trend.

Image via Contemporist

Breathable Fabrics

summer design trends breathable fabrics

With all of your fabrics and textiles—pillows, curtains and bedding in particular—keep two sets: one for the warmer months and another for the colder parts of the year. And while we love thick curtains and chunky blankets around the year, light, breathable fabrics work well even in the summer. Check out how we got the look in the beach-y Upper East Side getaway.

Mustard Yellows

summer design trends mustard yellow

White we love grays, whites and neutrals, color is integral to any design scheme. And one of our favorite color trends for this year is mustard yellow. To get the look, pick out mustard yellows that are closer closer to gold or chartreuse.

Natural Wood Materials

summer design trends natural wood materials

2017 is all about natural colors, textures and shapes. While it’s no secret that we’re fans of wood accents, summer is a great time to bust out naturally shaped wood pieces. Live-edge tables are making a huge comeback, and we love the way this live-edge wood table looks in the living room of this chic family home along Riverside Drive.

Tropical Accents

summer design trends tropical prints

If a tropical summer vacation isn’t in the cards this year, then consider ways to incorporate tropical accents into your design scheme. Whether it’s leafy houseplant, all-over print pillows or even wallpaper are the perfect summer design trends that you’ll be keeping around when the weather cools down.

Image via Architectural Digest

Jewel Tones

summer design trends jewel tone pillows

If you’re looking for something a bit more luxe than mustard yellow, then consider going with velvety jewel tones. Rubies, emeralds and oceanic sapphires are all summer design trends that will last you year round. Check out how we got the look in this ad exec’s apartment on the Upper East Side.

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