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Tip of the Week: Don’t Forget Texture Designs

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When you’re making your design to-do list, there’s one item that you don’t want forget. It’s a design secret that can take your space to the next level. “If you want to create a visually interesting space” our designers say, “don’t forget to think about texture.”

Often times texture in a space happens naturally. You might just happen to pair a deep blue velvet sofa with silk cushions. But if something seems off about your space, take a second look at the textures in the room. Without a variety of different textures, the entire room can feel a little flat. Layering different textures of neutral colors is one of our favorite ways to make rooms feel larger. It also happens to be a great way to add visual interest if you’re a little color-phobic. Some of our favorite ways to add in a little texture are in the gallery (below). 

Pictured: The living room in our New Jersey project.

Pom Pom Throw Pillows

velvet throw pillow with pom-poms

When you’re choosing pillows for a room, pay just as much attention to the texture as to the colors. We love these soft velvet pillows, but you can also look for fluffy sheepskin pillows, textured cotton and silk pillows or a shimmery smooth silk.

Sisal Rug

white sisal rug with fringe

Sheepskin Rug

ikea white sheepskin rug

Glass Vase

blue glass bottle vase

Wood Side Tables

small wood side tables

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