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15 Stunningly designed tools for home & Studio


gimlet hand drill

Design is all about the perfect marriage between form and function. This is why, whether we’re helping you to to choose the best furnishings for your studio apartment or developing a floor plan for your office, we want the process to be as useful as it is beautiful. In many ways, you can see us as your personal tool for interior design; a tool that allows you to navigate the design process with ease to get the space you’ve always wanted.

If you’re interested in incorporating the same beauty-meets-utility mindset into the rest of your life, we’ve selected 15 stunningly-designed tools to help you in the home, office, studio, and workshop. From measuring tapes to hammers, these picks are as much a treat for your eyes as they are for whatever projects you’re working on.

Brass Scissors

Brass Scissors

These brass scissors from Present & Correct are sharp—in more ways than one.

Tape Measure

Silver Tape Measure

Letter Opener

Bronze letter opener

Marble Tape Dispenser


Mechanical Pencil

Chrome Mechanical Pencil

Wood Screwdriver

Wood handle screwdriver

Gimley Hand Drill

Gimlet Hand Drill

Wood Magnifying Glass

Wooden Magnifying Glass

Staple-Free Stapler

silver stapler

Keyboard Brushes

Wooden Keyboard Cleaning Brush

Tom Dixon Tools

Brass drawing tools

6-in-1 Hammer

brass hammer

Seletti Organizer

White Desk Organizer

Wood & Brass Tape Dispenser

Wood Brass Tape Dispenser

Swiss Hex Keys

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