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Urban Landscaping with Interiors In Mind


Plants on stairwell

Although Decor Aid expertise lies in interior design, we do enjoy a bit of urban landscaping. An outdoor space (no matter how small!) or creating the feeling of one indoors, is a crucial element to a balanced lifestyle. The images gathered below feature greenery with a nod to interior functionalities.

Interior Plant Display

green plants on stairway

Snog Studios feature lush plants under a skylight creating a courtyard feel by Faith Blakeney.

Custom Bench Landscape Design

raw wood outdoor seating unit

Interior Landscaping

green plants landscaping walkway

Trimmed Grass Terrace

modern white chaise outdoor furniture

Wood Bench Outdoor Dining Area

wood bench outdoor dining area

Urban Potted Plants Display

potted flowers in fire escape

New York City Highline

highline landscape design new york city

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