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We’ve Got You Covered, With Local Wallpaper Magic


mod black and white wallpaper

If your walls could talk, they’d probably say “Man, I’m bored. And bare.” To curb those partition woes, we’ve gathered local (i.e. Brooklyn and beyond) designers who have championed the vertical art of wallpapering. From detailed illustrations (read: exquisite modern toiles) to expansive watercolors, these makers sure know how to make an impact on interiors. Check out the list below and let us know who we’ve missed. Also, look forward to more wallpaper round-ups in the near future.

Flat Vernacular Marble Wallpaper

gold and white marble wallpaper

Flat Vernacular: With one foot in the design world and one kept firmly in fine art, Payton Cosell Turner & Brian Kaspr maintain a delicate balance in their Brooklyn-based coverings company. They are known for their sticker paper installs (see below), but have produced a wide range of more neutral papers. Something for everyone.

Flat Vernacular Sticker Wallpaper

quirky wallpaper bedroom interior design

Flat Vernacular – An image of Sticker Paper installed in a New York townhouse. Image from Payton Turner’s site.

Flat Vernacular Wallpaper Design

flat vernacular sticker wallpaper

Flat Vernacular – An insanely intricate sticker paper installation at the McIntosh Gallery in London, Ontario See a time-lapse of the install.

Flat Vernacular Medallion Wallpaper

black and white medallion wallpaper

Flat Vernacular – Another eerie (yet truly gorgeous) install employs false eyelashes as ink to create medallion shapes.

Flat Vernacular Toile Wallpaper

black and white toile car wallpaper

Flat Vernacular – Toile De Derby: An irresistible take on toile.

Trove Scenic Wallpaper

black and white opera scene wallpaper

Trove: Specializing in traditional wallcoverings and wood veneers, this Brooklyn couple uses mostly subdued tones for a subtle overall effect.

Trove Bathroom Wallpaper

blowing bubbles bathroom

Trove – Product designer Evan Clabots in his Brooklyn loft for Lifestyle Mirror. Askella 003 is on the bathroom wall.

Trove Bird Wallpaper

flying black birds wallpaper

Trove – Indi 001 sets a mood in a Pacific Palisades dining room by Jackson Paige Interiors.

Trove Brushstroke Wallpaper

blue and white brushstroke wallpaper feminine bedroom

Trove – Auva 002 creating an eyeline in an embellished bedroom.

Trove Moth Wallpaper

white moth wallpaper design

Trove – From the LATIMES piece on a 1919 bungalow remodeled by interior designer Kay Kollar: “A striking moth-patterned wall covering by Trove is the first thing you see when you walk in to the entryway of the house.”

Flavor Paper Bergdorf Goodman Window Display

colorful wallpaper in window display

Flavor Paper: Definitely the hippest paperer on the block, this is the company of Mike Dee Brooklyn Toile fame. We love them. Not just because they make an Andy Warhol licensed line and not just because their installs include Bergdorf Goodmans, HBO headquarters and the Wythe Hotel (with Williamsburg toile, obviously). Also not because Interior design enthusiast Lenny Kravitz has at least one home covered in Flavorpaper. But none of that hurts. Part of the magic lies within the brain of illustrator Dan Funderburgh, who masterminds many of the modern toiles like it’s his job-ah, he’s got us there.

Flavor Paper Toile Wallpaper

red toile wallpaper

Flavor Paper – Chinatown Toile featured in the CSC Clubhouse in Vienna.

Flavor Paper Splash Wallpaper

splash water wallpaper stairwell design

Flavor Paper – Splish wallpaper adding drama in a stairwell.

Flavor Paper Brasilia Wallpaper

mod black and white geometric wallpaper

Flavor Paper – Brasilia (in collaboration with Lenny Kravitz)  in Nathan Egan’s 2010 Hamptons Showhouse room.

Rachel Mosler and Nick Cope

marbled metallic wallpaper

Calico: By Decor Arts Now‘s account “While stranded in their Brooklyn loft during the storm, creative and life partners Rachel Mosler and Nick Cope developed the idea of creating marbled wallpaper using gilded metallics and color.” The techniques they use to make the largest marbled wallpaper are called Suminagashi, which is a 12th century Japanese water-ink process and Ebru (Turkish for water painting).

Calico Black Marbled Wallpaper

black and white marbled wallpaper

Calico – Irie the cat posing with the Lunaris collection.

Calico Black and Gold Wallpaper

gold white and black marbled wallpaper

Calico – Night Collection paper in Slate

Calico Wabi Wallpaper

gold and white marbled wallpaper living room

Calico – Wabi collection featured in Kips Bay Designer House 2014

Eskayel Tie-Dye Wallpaper

blue tie dye wallpaper surf lodge

Eskayel: Self-proclaimed ‘surface design’ company Eskayel was founded in 2008 by Shanan Campanaro and feature art from her paintings. Since then, the prints have leapt from the walls to other surfaces like textiles and stationery (and even iPhone cases!). They have an exclusive collection in collaboration with ABC Home and actively participate in the 1% for the Planet charity.

Taylor Tomasi Hill Apartment Wallpaper

blue abstract tie dye wallpaper

Eskayel – Eskayel wallpaper at Taylor Tomasi Hill’s APT with LSD featured in VOGUE and Net-A-Porter.

Eskayel Bedroom Wallpaper

tie dye wallpaper bedroom décor

Eskayel – Best Of’s Brooklyn Loft install at Wanted Design x Industry City Eskayel. Sisters Amanda and Claire Thomas’ (of Luv AJ & The Kitchy Kitchen, respectively) Santa Monica home featuring Kusafiri-Slate wallpaper in The Coveteur.

Eskayel Mantel Wallpaper

tie dye wallpaper white fireplace

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