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8 Warm And Cozy Living Room Ideas

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comfortable living room throw blanket

Having a meticulous, well-designed space is an essential part of enjoying the place you call home. But a home should be more than well-designed; your space should be comfortable, and tailored to your needs. If you’re looking for some ways to add some serious comfort to your living room, our senior designers have these tips for a warm and cozy living room.

Put Your Feet Up

comfortable living room ottoman

There’s nothing like putting your feet up at the end of the day. And if you’re looking for a place to kick back, consider swapping out your coffee tablefor an ottoman. Add a tray, to coral books and knick-knacks, and your ottoman will double as a coffee table.  

Image via West Elm

Add a Bumper

comfortable living room bumper sofa

If an ottoman isn’t enough room for kicking back, consider adding a bumper to your sectional. It’ll add extra seating to your living room, without the bulk of an extra armrest. To maintain clear sightlines in this Gramercy Park apartment, we placed a bumper sofa in the living room. It’s great for kicking back and relaxing, while maintaining the room’s chic, functionalist aesthetic.

Extra Pillows

comfortable living room pillows

A couch should never be without pillows. The traditional design standard is to place two pillows on either side of the couch, but we won’t hold it against you if you decide to pile on a few more.

Image via Jonathan Adler

Throw Blankets

comfortable living room throw blanket

If you’re looking for ways to make your living room more comfortable, consider adding in some new throw blankets. Swap out your throw blankets seasonally, so that you can curl up with a comfortable blanket year-round. For the winter months, we love this faux-fur throw from Holly Hunt.

Area Rug

comfortable living room area rug

Comfort in the home should extend beyond the sofa. And there’s no better way to make your home more comfortable than to add some rugs. You don’t have to go for 70’s style shag carpeting, but consider an area rug with a viscose fabric or another high-pile material. This high-sheen area rug from ABC Home is the perfect example of how to balance chic and comfortable.

Comfortable Lighting

comfortable living room lighting

Your living room should be a place where you can unwind at the end of the day. And it’s impossible to do this with bright, glaring lights. Add dimmers, or swap out your lightbulbs, so that you can create a serene, relaxing vibe.

Image via TRNK


comfortable living room colors

Creating a room where you can relax and unwind goes beyond texture and material. If you want to create a truly comfortable space, consider the colors that are present in your living room. Our clients in this chic, transitional apartment wanted to create a media room that would be perfect for winding down at the end of the day. And so to contrast their brightly lit formal room, we painted the room a dark royal blue.


comfortable living room c table

What fun is reclining if you have to sit-up every time you want to take a bite? If you like to kick back on the couch with a drink and some snacks, then a C-table is the way to go. Short of a feeding tube, a C-table is the best way to keep your food and drink as close to your mouth as humanly possible.

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