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An Innovative Office Design for Blackstone Financial

New York, NY

When it comes to office design, there are many unseen factors that contribute to the success of the space and its inhabitants. Designing office space requires the thoughtful balance between functionality, work flow, budget and resourcefulness. Our client, B2R, a derivative of the world-leading investment firm Blackstone, had recently moved into a 10,000 square foot space in Columbus Circle and tapped the team at Décor Aid to give an innovative spin on corporate interior design. Keeping their budget and deadline in mind, our commercial interior designer set out to give B2R a bright, creative office design that addressed their business needs and represented their brand.

Using streamlined commercial furnishings with a small footprint, he created an open, modern office layout to maximize space and workflow, adding the company’s signature bright blue throughout for a pop of color. The conference room design was centered around a custom live-edge table to lend warmth and an international flair to the space; an unexpected departure from the usual business office décor. Custom filing cabinets were topped with cushions to provide extra seating, and motivational quotes from clients were displayed on the walls as clever and creative office space ideas. Our interior designer added green plants throughout the space as a finishing touch to introduce a bit of outdoors to this commercial interior.

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