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A Downtown Loft for Boston Newlyweds

Boston, MA

Not everyone has months or years to design their space. Our interior design firm understands the importance of deadlines. Time was of the essence for our clients, a pair of newlyweds who needed to settle into their apartment as quickly as possible but needed guidance on how to decorate. It was up to our Senior Designer to transform their boring rental into a cozy home, and fast. The spacious loft boasted floor-to-ceiling windows and ample light, but was lacking in character.

The clients had no existing furniture, so our designer worked closely with them to select youthful but timeless pieces that reflected their personal interior design styles. They invested in gender-neutral furniture and accessories that didn’t stray too feminine or masculine. Our interior designer chose a cool gray as the dining room and living room paint to add depth to the expansive space, while dark woods, smoked glass pendants, and deep blue accessories were used throughout to ground the open and airy floor plan. The master bedroom design was kept calm and clean, softened by antiqued wood accents and an upholstered headboard. Though completed on a tight schedule, this urban loft interior design project was thoughtfully achieved to give our newlywed clients their first real home.

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