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A Bright, Spacious Studio for a Young Professional

Chicago, IL

When a young professional purchased her first apartment in Chicago, she reached out to Decor Aid, and asked for our help in designing the first space she could truly call her own. Within the limits of her open-layout studio, our client wanted us to create three distinct areas—for dining, for hanging out, and for sleeping—while also significantly brightening space.

The apartment was originally painted a beige color, which significantly darkened the studio. To start the redesign, we painted the apartment a series of light greys, and adorned the walls with a white trim, creating a compelling neutral palette that also reflected natural sunlight. One of the darkest areas of the apartment was the kitchen. And so to brighten the space, we installed white cabinets, marble countertops, a blue glass-tile backsplash, and matte bronze hardware.

The next step was to demarcate the separate areas of the apartment, without obstructing any sunlight. So we fabricated a custom-made glass partition, to separate the bed and the couch, without obstructing any of the natural light. The partition doubles as a headboard for the bed, but also acts as a window for the living room area. To establish the dining area from the kitchen, we placed a small, Saarinen-style table next to the apartment’s smaller window.

Our client also stressed the importance of storage space in her redesign, so our furniture selections had to maximize storage capacity, without disrupting the light and airy feel established by the neutral palette and glass partition. In the bedroom area, we sourced a bed with integrated drawers, for maximum storage space. And in the living room, we sourced a lucite coffee table, which gives her a bit of extra table room, without making the space feel heavy. The final result is a bright and airy studio, with maximum storage space for this young professional.

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