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A Bold, Colorful Redesign for a Family of Four in TriBeCa

New York City

When our clients initially approached Decor Aid, they were only looking to remodel their children’s bedrooms in the family’s TriBeCa home. The family is full of vibrant characters, and so the couple wanted the children’s rooms to reflect their respective personalities, while also accommodating for the children’s changing tastes. Their daughter’s room lacked storage areas and open floor space, so we added a lofted bed, and custom floors, so that her room can also function as a play area. In their son’s room, we added smaller accessory pieces reflecting his current interests—Star Wars and baseball—that can be easily exchanged, as he gets older.

Our clients had previously hired another interior designer for the common areas and master bedroom, but once they saw the work that we did in the children’s rooms, they asked us to redesign the entire apartment. The couple has lived in this space for the past ten years, and wanted their redesign to last for the next ten as well. So while cost-effective furniture was incorporated into the children’s rooms, they wanted higher-end pieces, with a modern yet timeless feel, for the master bedroom and common spaces.

One of the challenges of redesigning this home was the expansive common area, which included the dining room, living room, and several other nooks. To differentiate between the areas, each space was given a bold, distinctive color. In the living room, one of the walls was painted an electric blue; the dining room chairs feature purple reupholstery work; a grey wall distinguishes the piano nook. To create a continuum between the spaces, brass and gold accents were added throughout the apartment. 

Our clients wanted to keep their existing artwork, and so we fabricated custom frames for all of their art pieces, to maintain a cohesive vibe throughout the home. To reflect the couple’s heritage, we helped them source the living room rug, which was custom-made in their native Pakistan. The neutral tones in the master bedroom offset the bright, bold colors featured elsewhere, without sacrificing the apartment’s personalized nature. The overall effect is an exquisitely elegant, yet highly individualistic home for this energetic family of four.

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