Manhattan Family’s Perfect Summer Home In The Hamptons

When summer comes, it’s no shock that images of beaches, ice cream cones, and sand castles drift into everyone’s mind. Our clients, a Manhattan family of five, were no strangers to the desires of the season. The family loved the revamps we did, when Decor Aid previously transformed their duplex into a city chic family home. Now looking to escape the everyday hustle that comes with living in NYC, they came to Decor Aid for design help once again. This time around they needed our design expertise for a new property, their recently purchased East Hampton Beach home. Our clients hoped they could have family fun and entertain guests all summer long, at their new summer residence. They tasked Maureen, one of our senior designers, with designing a space that could serve as their home away from home.

Manhattan Family’s Perfect Summer Home In The Hamptons

Upon arrival at our Client’s place in East Hampton, the home was a blank slate, with many of the rooms requiring design and construction work. The main focus of this project became to redesign and to maximize the functionality of the home. While remaining focused we also wanted to make sure that we gave this home the “beachy” feel our clients had asked for. We were able to achieve this by selecting natural furniture and decor that went with the theme, yet were still subtle enough to use if the clients decided to go with another style down the road. As fun as a beach themed home can be, we knew that too much would make the home feel too whimsical. While the family has children, we opted to use furnishings that can inspire their creativity now but grow with them each summer to come.

Here at Decor Aid, our expert designers know that texture can appeal to almost all five of your senses, especially if you are on a beach. So for this particular project we used texture as an element throughout the home and it helped bring the theme to every room in our client’s space. While sourcing pieces we looked for items made from organic elements to again help seamlessly blend the exterior environment with the interior spaces. Going with pieces like The shell chandelier, from Kathy Kuo Home, in addition to the ridged Safavieh dining chairs and the sun-shaped, Donatella mirror from MadeGoods. Every piece for this project perfectly married nature and elegance, giving each room the perfect balance.

Neutral colors were added to make our clients’ space feel more like their favorite beach spot. However, we incorporated pops of color throughout to bring cohesion to the entire home. The Loretto Snake Coasters Set from Plantation Designs and a Powder bronze Bubble vase from West elm, were two pieces that really stood out to our clients the most. With the ocean virtually in their backyard, we wanted to make sure the home renovation allowed this connection to be more transparent. The large windows from floor to ceiling, grants each room as much access to the outside as possible. Tall bookcases and lightly colored drapes emphasized the grandeur of the high ceilings in the home.

Organic and natural elements served as a way for us to bring the beach to the clients without them ever actually going outside. The Hamptons is the perfect getaway for the summer for any family. Having access to a home that creates the vacation feeling is exactly what the clients were looking for. When in this East Hampton residence, the family and their guests not only feel luxurious but now also have a sense of comfort; as they have reported back to us that they never want to leave their new summer retreat.