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A Comfortable and Modern Home for a Young Family in Hoboken

Hoboken, NJ

When Jackie and Kevin moved into their new Hoboken apartment, they reached out to Decor Aid, and asked for assistance in creating a space that could grow with their family. They wanted a home that reflected their modern aesthetic, but also wanted a space that could accommodate their newborn son, without making the entire home feel like a nursery.

The main focus of this project was to redesign and maximize the functionality of the apartment’s common areas. The foyer space was particularly large, and yet, was being underutilized. So we incorporated a small table, with two backless chairs, so that it functions as both a desk and as an entry-way table.

The kitchen, dining area, and living room all flow into each-other, and so each space needed to be differentiated, without incorporating any disruptive elements. The four art pieces in the dining area distinguish this space from the rest of the home. A striped area rug establishes the living room, in addition to giving the mostly neutral space some needed contrast.

Jackie and Kevin wanted their common area to be a place where their son could run around and play, so this part of the home had to be particularly child friendly. To accomplish this, we incorporated durable and resilient fabrics into the apartment, including a sofa from Sit Down New York. An indoor-outdoor rug in the kitchen guarantees that any spilled meals can be easily cleaned. Any breakable items were placed on high shelves. All of the fabrics in the home had to be spill-proof, and hypo-allergenic when possible, so we sourced two chairs from Blu Dot. We even did spill tests on potential fabric samples, to ensure that everything in their new home could be easily maintained.

Whereas the common area had to be kid-proof, Jackie and Kevin wanted the master bedroom to feel like their own space. Matching nightstands and a new set of window treatments gave the room a mellow atmosphere to match the posh, comfortable bed. All of this goes to create a serene sanctuary for the parents of this young family.

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