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A Tudor Kitchen Remodel in South Orange, New Jersey

South Orange, New Jersey

When two clients moved into their home in South Orange, New Jersey, they knew that the space would need a full renovation. They loved the location of the house, and the size of the lot, but wanted a more updated feel for their home. From the outset, the goal of this project was to modernize the interior, preserve the original tudor style, and keep the home in sync with the picturesque neighborhood.

To start, our client decided to renovate their kitchen, downstairs bathroom, and master bathroom. The old kitchen was constricted by an eating nook and several unnecessary walls. So we started the project by gutting the entire kitchen and the surrounding walls.

Once the space was opened up, we started building out the kitchen and bathrooms. our clients wanted their home to be furnished with a neutral palette and a modern finish, but also wanted to include more traditional elements. To combine the modern and traditional aspects, we installed black cabinets in the kitchen and master bathroom, along with wood cabinets in the downstairs bathroom. Set against white tile backsplashes, this high-contrast color scheme brought a distinctly modern finish to the more traditional elements.

Our clients love to cook, and they also wanted their kitchen to function as a space where they could entertain. So we installed a kitchen island, with space for two bar stools. This allows guests to hang out in the kitchen, without getting in the way of the master chefs.

The final step was to bring in appliances and finishing touches. Bright and colorful accessories were added throughout all three rooms, which contrasted against stainless steel appliances and the house’s neutral palette. Crisp, vintage light fixtures were installed in all three rooms, which heightened the modern, yet traditional feel of the home. The final effect is a bright and contemporary home that is a welcome addition to this idyllic New Jersey neighborhood.

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