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A Comfortable Home Away From Home on the New Jersey Waterfront

North Bergen, New Jersey

When a young, hip couple from Hong Kong purchased a waterfront condominium in New Jersey, they reached out to Decor Aid for assistance in transforming their new space into a home away from home. The couple wanted the space to be modern, homey, and traditional, while also being wholly representative of their laid-back sensibility.

When the couple moved in, the walls of the apartment were painted dark green, with a grey trim. The effect was dark and somber, which was exactly what they did not want their apartment to feel like. So the first thing we did was repaint the walls, which immediately gave the space a lighter, airier feel, and set the tone for the neutral palette that would be incorporated throughout the space. 

Besides a few pieces that the couple had brought with them from Hong Kong, there was no existing furniture to work with. The couple stressed that they wanted the option to entertain, but that they didn’t want the apartment to be designed like a party house. The dining room table perfectly captures the couple’s refined yet rustic aesthetic, but also has the ability to expand, and accommodate a few extra guests for a small dinner party. 

The couple wanted their space to feel distinguished, but also wanted the apartment to feel young and hip. To offset the comfortable and neutral tones, brass elements were added throughout the apartment, which added a cohesive feel, without sacrificing the desired look. The final result is a comfortable, modern, and grown-up space that this vibrant young couple can now call home. 

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