An Old Greenwich Home With Inspiring Interior Design

Nestled in Connecticut’s historic Old Greenwich neighborhood, our client tasked Décor Aid interior designer Urszula D. with giving their young family home a warm, modern spirit full of subtle nuances and clean, sophisticated, contemporary design.

Revitalized Old Greenwich Home

Going into this project, our client’s major motivation in seeking an interior designer was for them to feel welcome at home in what was an otherwise incomplete, albeit light-filled home. Looking for unique furnishings and accessories to finish their home, Urszula worked closely with the family so they could feel comfortable with a fresh take on Old Greenwich interior design unlike any of their neighbors.

In the living room, pre-existing gender-neutral plush smokey purple velveteen seating featuring contemporary silhouettes were used as a central feature for a sense of strength, warmth, and everyday elegance while an intriguing smoky mountain print by artist Erik Chmil was installed to work as a conversation starting anchor for the room.

By keeping the dining room pared down and simple in appeal, the family can use the space as a multi-purpose meeting room for home-cooked dinners, entertaining, and for extra desk and project space when needed.

For the den, Urszula opted for clean symmetry by taking advantage of two pre-existing light gray sofas placed parallel to each other to create conversation areas and a clear walking path with the fireplace and framed black and white print working as the rooms main focal point.

And since feeling at home and comfort being king, our designer stuck to a medley of soothing cream and muted eggshell tones for the master suite to create a warm oasis away from the bustle of the common rooms. The same tranquil color palette was brought into the family’s home office while Urszula used the blank wall space above the desk to create an inspiring yet minimal gallery wall with well-judged art placement throughout.

In the kid’s playroom, Urszula placed importance on easy to manage organization by taking full advantage of a massive bookshelf while utilizing their toys, books, and games as styling objects to fill the unit with charming décor. The same goes for the homes laundry room as their original sink needed a drastic update and the space was short on concealing storage.

Complementary tonal hues were used throughout the home for a serene sense of continuity and to emphasize a welcoming feeling of lightness and comfort. Now this young family can truly feel at home with ease surrounded by timeless contemporary furnishings to last a lifetime and beyond.