San Francisco Beach Themed Decor Apartment

When a newlywed couple moved into their first proper San Francisco apartment, they reached out to Decor Aid, asking for assistance in transforming their newly purchased home in Mission District, into a relaxing sanctuary from city life. From the get-go, our client knew that they wanted to transform their apartment into a beach-inspired oasis. Their popular summer getaway was cited as the main design inspiration: grown-up, but comfortable; beachy, yet contemporary.

San Francisco Beach Themed Decor Apartment

When we arrived at the apartment, nothing about the space’s current state suggested anything remotely beachy. Minimally adorned with black, square furniture, the previous tenant had opted for a minimal, cold, colorless palette: the exact opposite of what our client wanted.

To start the design process, we helped our client pick out a large print from the photographer Gray Malin, which was hung over the bed in the master bedroom. In this aerial photograph, the turquoise ocean slowly gives way to sandy taupes, a color gradient which served as our palette inspiration for the rest of the apartment.

In the living room and dining room, we established a textured neutral palette with ivory textiles and light-stained wood pieces. But in the home office, our client asked us to outfit the space with more inexpensive wares that can be replaced in the near future. The couple is planning on having their firstborn child in the coming year, and wants to be able to convert their home office into a nursery, when the time comes. 

To tie the entire space together, we incorporated small turquoise pieces into each room, such as a Jeff Koons dog miniature, which compliments the adjacent accent pillows. A chrome nightstand from All Modern was added to the bedroom, to give the space a luxe finish. The final result is a calm, relaxing, beach-inspired sanctuary that can welcome the couple’s firstborn child.