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SweetSounds Studio

New York, NY

As a startup, we understand the needs and priorities of small businesses. So we were thrilled when our neighbors, SweetSounds Studio, reached out to our team of interior designers to help redesign their state-of-the-art recording studio. Our Junior Designer was delighted to work with our clients to reimagine their studio as a haven for inspiration and creativity.

SweetSounds Studio had already filled their space with their recording equipment, instruments, furnishings and eclectic wall art, but they needed interior design tips and guidance on how to decorate in order to maximize space and workflow, and represent their aesthetic as artists and musicians. With a tight budget that only accommodated room paint, our interior designer devised clever and crafty solutions to make the most of what they had, from hanging plywood boxes to use as storage, to printing a faux wood decal for their bar, to swapping white bulbs for red accent lights to create a funky, fun space.

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