A Tribeca Apartment Stylish Home Redesign

When our client purchased an investment property in Manhattan’s TriBeCa neighborhood, she immediately called Decor Aid to get the new space ready for a high-end renter. She sought out a stylish home redesign that incorporated neutral tones and colors, while staying under budget, and without sacrificing quality.

A Tribeca Apartment Stylish Home Redesign

The kitchen and bathroom had been recently renovated, and featured modern appliances and fixtures. But the apartment was painted teal, with charcoal-grey moldings, and so a fresh repaint was needed, for a more contemporary feel. The windows required upgrades as well, and so a fabricator was brought in, for custom window treatments.

Decorating the apartment and purchasing new furniture constituted the bulk of the project. Our client brought some dining furniture and a few pieces of artwork from her New Jersey home, but the rest of the furniture needed to be purchased, in order to get the space ready for potential renters. The newly purchased sofas and bed featured solid grey and beige colors, which were contrasted with pillows and accents that featured brighter colors and patterns. Two CFC Maurice Chairs from Candelabra were added to the living room, fitting in with the neutral and modern tones of the apartment, while also managing to be wonderfully comfortable.

Abstract art pieces incorporated similar tones and colors, to create a continuum between the rooms, and to make a bold statement, without compromising on taste. The result is a home that feels natural for the current owners, while also leaving the door open for future inhabitants as well.

This project was featured in The Nest.