A Mid-Century Living Room with Rustic Accents

New York, NY

Moving to a new city is a stressful endeavor, and we are often faced with the challenge of designing spaces for recent New York City transplants. So when a couple moved from California to Brooklyn, they asked for our help in designing a living room that would be fitting for their first New York City apartment.

With gorgeous pre-war brownstones and tree-lined streets, Park Slope is a quintessential New York neighborhood, and our clients wanted to reflect this classic style in their home design. The couple had ditched all of their furniture on the west coast, and was starting out fresh on their home redesign. With two rambunctious french bulldogs, all of the apartment’s furnishings had to be sturdy enough to withstand canine wear and tear, while also fitting into the mid-century look and feel that our client desired.

To get the look our client wanted, while also allowing for sturdier pieces, we decided on a mid-century look that incorporated rustic details. Within the common area, our client wanted to create a living room space that would be seperate from the pub table where they would eat. So we sourced a leather sofa from Article, and faced it away from the pub table, which sectioned off the eating area.

To gesture towards the surrounding neighborhood, we sourced several furniture pieces from local vendors. We selected a brushed-metal floor lamp from Brooklyn’s own Organic Modernism, and used Etsy to find a reclaimed wood coffee table from a neighborhood fabricator.

The finishing touches include a menagerie of pillows and blankets, for a comfortable, modern feel. The final effect is a hip, yet mature space that these newly-established New Yorkers can call home.

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