Brick Underground Founder’s Inspiring UWS Remodel

New York City

Locating a spacious and stylish apartment in Manhattan certainly has its challenges, especially in a desirable neighborhood. When Brick Underground Founder, Teri Rogers and her young family came upon this unit on the Upper West Side, they could see how much potential it had. The client turned to the Decor Aid team to create a hip, modern environment which would be both comfortable and chic. After collaborating with an architect, we decided to renovate the kitchen and master bathroom. To freshen up the kitchen, our designer used a soft white and grey color palette on the walls and sharp custom cabinetry. To accommodate the client’s need for durability, a sophisticated quartzite countertop was installed; along with a complementary subway tile backsplash.

An interior window with counter space in the kitchen became a chic conversational window that leads into the dining room. A custom built­-in bar, a unique chandelier, and earthy wood tones enhance the modern aesthetic. The client requested a brighter, more streamlined dining room, so our designer combined a modern table and chairs with glossy finishes.

The master bathroom was completely redesigned to better utilize the space. A luxurious marble tub and shower was constructed and a much larger vanity was designed to allow for our client and various family members to utilize it at once.

Similar design approaches were taken in the master bedroom and living room. We wanted to create an eclectic and lively interior. A serene, boutique ­hotel aesthetic was the intention for the master bedroom. Sexy, grey velvet drapes flank a pair of sleek roman shades,  and crisp, white bed linens are accentuated by orange throw pillows.

A built-­in bench with a custom seat cushion brings warmth as well as functionality to the living room. Simple furniture pieces with clean lines were incorporated, however the vivid colors and striking patterns are what truly make the space pop and come to life. A hair on hide area rug balances out the living room by adding an organic shape to complement the many geometric patterns. Animated art and textural accents make the residence feel very dynamic.

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