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Dustin M.  
4-16-2019 Brooklyn, NY

“After meeting with several other interior design firms, my partner and I settled on Decor Aid to help us combine our furniture in our first home together. He’s more laid back, and I’m more on the traditional side so we were at a loss on how to make everything work together. Even more so, we were combining two different apartments into one – not any easy task considering how small apartments in NYC are.

Mindy, our designer, was great at taking cues from both of us and working around us when things would get too complicated. Not only was she extremely helpful in helping us edit, but she also had some genius storage solutions for our small home. In the end we made the right choice, and we also made a great friend in Mindy. I recommend her and Decor Aid to everyone who comes over after they stop gushing over how terrific everything looks. And in case we ever move to a larger spot, we’re definitely bringing them back on!

Adam R.  
3-30-2016 CANAL STREET, NY

“After a horrible experience with another “”design”” firm, I was recommended Decor Aid by a friend. A few months later my apartment was featured in Apartment Therapy!

It was a very rich experience. From the CEO personally taking my calls, to the talented designer (who previously worked as a celebrity designer – she would have cost more than my savings). Everyone was extremely courteous and a pleasure to work with. My place looks amazing. I love spending time there and I highly recommend Decor Aid.”

Billy B.  
2 months ago

I read an article online and was curious about Decor Aid. After just about ten minutes into my free consultation, I was sold. My interior designer Victoria was an absolute visionary. I seriously recommend them to everyone.

Judy C.  
7 months ago

“I am really happy that my mom recommended Decor Aid to me after I bought my first apartment in San Francisco as she knew I was short on time, design ideas, and would frankly be living out of suitcases for months on end.

My designer Nina came up with some really smart space saving ideas, and my place looks unbelievable. I can’t wait til my mom comes into town! I’ve been recommending Decor Aid to everyone and would hire them again. Great team and great services!”

Collin C.  
September 2018 San Francisco, CA

“Decor Aid was a great choice for our kitchen renovation. We had some trouble figuring out where to start, but our designer Greta was more than helpful with sorting out all the knitty gritty details. It was a much larger undertaking than we planned for and I’m sure we would’ve been in completely over our heads had we not had Greta and Decor Aid to guide us. We were always able to get in contact with the project management team which was extremely comforting. Even though the kitchen was our main project, we also had Greta help us out with getting some new pieces for the dining room and living room that connect, so that everything meshed well together. The end result couldn’t have been better!”

Janine S.  
June 2018 Los Angeles

What started out with a simple paint job ended up with a really dramatic overhaul throughout our home as our project manager Michael and designer Chloe opened our eyes to so many possibilities that my husband and I had never even thought of. And we are glad they did. Instead of coming and going, they exposed us to a vision they truly believed in and delivered on it when we clearly had no clue. Now we love our home again and ended up spending way less than we thought it could cost.

Devin R.  
4-8-2019 Brooklyn, NY

“I really loved the experience of working with Decor Aid! They made the process fairly straightforward, answered all of our questions, hired very skilled professionals, and handled a few odd mishaps with grace and ease!

Our designer, Jenna, was a saint. It’s my first time relinquishing control of my space and I was nervous. But it was the best decision! Her eye is fantastic. She took indecision on my spouses part with stride. And the end result is both polished and cozy. Feels like us! Which was my biggest fear in hiring someone to match our taste. It was a small project and I wish we could afford their help on the whole apartment.

I would recommend this experience to anyone who is curious if having a designer might make life a little bit less stressful! It was a win win win in our house!”

Thelma F.  
8 months ago

“I hired Decor Aid to revamp my living room and dining room as I had no idea where to start and how to make it feel contemporary without having to go through a complete renovation. My designer Elle was really fun to work with, and made the entire project feel easy and stress free. Now I can imagine she had her own dilemmas with our home, but she never let me know and was always on top of everything and hyper organized.

And the discounts we received on furniture and painters really helped justify the extra cost of bringing someone in. I’m really impressed with the services the company offers, and how everything was no-nonsense.”

Pat S.  
June 2018 San Francisco, CA

To be honest, most of the personal services my husband and I use are more often then not a headache. But Decor Aid’s designer took all the cues she needed from us and virtually left us alone until the project really needed our input. There were no late night calls, endless texts, and no empty promises. Elle delivered on time, was professional, and really took what we had to say and how we live into account. I never even write reviews but their services were just that good.

Jennifer C.  
12-3-2018 Manhattan, NY

“Our home was completed mid-summer and I’m still highly impressed by the team at Decor Aid and my interior designer Sonia. Collaborating with them was the best route for my home as they handled every aspect of the project for me and did so with extreme professionalism.

I’m really proud of my home and would suggest Decor Aid to those who need someone to completely take over with confidence, as there was nothing I had to second guess or manage myself.”

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