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Tip of the Week: Create Collections

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After the sofa has been chosen, the rugs laid and the drapes hung, it’s time for these finishing details that brings the entire space together. In order to make a design space that’s completely unique, our design team suggests using collections to bring your personality into the space. But in order to make it feel cohesive and not cluttered, they have a few tips.

Image above: Via Collected: Living With The Things You Love

1. CURATE THE COLLECTION If you have a big collection, consider displaying only your best pieces and rotating in the others.

2. EXPERIMENT WITH THE DISPLAY Don’t be afraid to try new ways of displaying. You can use bell jars to put items under glass or arrange objects on a wall.

3. KEEP THE BACKGROUND NEUTRAL In order for your collections to feel curated and not cluttered, keep the walls or other backdrop neutral.

Scissor Collection

scissor collection wall display

Even objects as utilitarian as scissors can make a fantastic display when grouped en masse. Via Refinery29

Feather Collection

vintage dining room design café chairs

Hanger Wall Display

hanger collection wall display

Globe Collection

globe collection display

Scissor Display

wall stencil living room décor

Framed Handkerchief Collection

framed scarves wall art

Mirror Collection

round mirror collection bathroom

Mini Brickbear Collection

mini Brickbear collection

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