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Bad Interior Design Trends You Should Let Go Of

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Why You Should Ditch These Tired Interior Design Trends

When it comes interior design trends, like anything, there’s always the good, the bad, and the ugly to consider when trying your hand at keeping up with the times and boy, there’s a lot of unfathomable ones out there. To keep you up to date and away from bad decorating decisions and practices we’ve created a shortlist on what bad interior design trends to avoid for good reason.


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We thought this trend had left us in the 90’s but we’ve seen it come back on the scene for no good reason. It’s too crafty and DIY, is unnecessary, and frankly downright ugly. Go solid, go striped, go patterned, just don’t go faux, please!


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Sure, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the rug above, it’s just that we’re simply tired of seeing it everywhere. From Walmart to Abc Carpet & Home, this rug just happens to be one of those bad interior design trends that is going to make any room in your home appear common and do you really want the foundation of a room to be something everyone else has?


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Beautiful, sleek molding doesn’t deserve that 90’s tattoo inspired decal and neither should any wall in your home. Though we don’t recommend it, if you really want to opt for an inexpensive decal, source grown-up, contemporary silhouettes as the one above is way too spring break in Cabos for our tastes.


the worst interior design trends

As there’s no such thing in finding inspiration in greeting card esque motivational signage, we say leave this bad interior design trend for children and seniors as it’s almost impossible to take any home’s décor seriously with cheesy signage art around.


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Though there’s beauty to be found in reclaimed wood, there’s just something about the finish people tend to get so wrong. When thinking interior design trends you can implement yourself, we suggest focusing on craftsmanship and placement while keeping the overall look uniform and symmetrical, as the wall above looks like it was taken from a shipwreck and haphazardly mounted.


ugly interior design trends

As far as bad interior design trends go, we’ve seen enough terrible DIY upcycled furnishings to last a lifetime. They often tend to look too cheap, DIY, and incomplete. And while we’re at it, what purpose do you think that ceiling height ladder (above) serves?


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Though there’s nothing wrong hints of shabby chic here and there, however, we suggest skipping out on farmhouse interior design trends we’ve seen all too much of – that is, unless you actually live in a real farmhouse. And please, no more barn doors while you are at it, it’s just too theme oriented.


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Good God, enough with the mason jars! Sure they can serve basic functions however they’re probably one of our most despised bad interior design trends as they’re a tad too country living and young. If you’re of a certain age please put the jar down and opt for a grown-up drinking vessel and utilize mason jars for storage purposes rather than decorative.

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