Should Your Kids Help In The Interior Design Process?

After a recent client of ours requested that their children work alongside them and our interior decorator during the design process it got us thinking, what are the benefits of children working with a designer directly? Sure, it can help them learn about the benefits of brilliant design at an early age, but are there mutual benefits to be found, or are you just asking to make the process all the more stressful?

For our team, teaching children the value of well-judged aesthetics along with the process of collaborating is a priceless proposition, but how do you manage it with success? To get you inspired, we’re covering how to do it, what they’ll learn, and what your family will benefit from as a whole.

How To Do It:

Take Care Of Major Moves Without Them

Work with your interior designer to help take care of long-term investments while letting your child’s input be left to elements that are more playful and easy or inexpensive to swap out.

However, do let them shop with you so they don’t miss out on any phase of the project, whether that be in showrooms, through catalogs, or online as there are invaluable lessons to be learned in doing so.

Give Them An Incentive

For their own bedrooms and spaces, advise them while they consider décor options while letting them know that they will be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the area assigned to them.

Narrow Down Options

When it comes to savvy investments, unfortunately, the sky’s not the limit. Maintain veto power by guiding their choices by narrowing down selections that catch your eye and meet your budget first.

This will help them better participate while letting them contribute to the overall outcome of the project.

Teach Them How To Be Realistic

Letting your children work alongside you and your interior decorator is a great way to let them participate while ensuring a successful outcome. At first, you may notice that their takes on your home are as lofty as any childs can be, and this is where it would be smart to step in and point them to budget, space, and practical limitations to teach them how to remain grounded.

Once they get a better sense of the reality of your project, the better they’ll be able to pitch in.

Benefits For Them:

They’ll Learn Experience To Draw From

As you move through the interior design process together, they’ll be able to take in every step, from sourcing inspiration to furnishings to bidding – all invaluable experiences any child could benefit from as they see the project turn into a success.

They’ll Take Pride In The Outcome

Just like with any collaborative effort, once your child sees and feels the benefits of the interior design that they helped realize by participating alongside you and your interior designer, they’re certain to take pride in the outcome. Which will in turn, and lucky for you, inspire them to help you take better care of your home while appreciating the value found in great design.

They’ll Learn How To Collaborate

As any home upgrade, from a simple room refresh to a major overhaul, is certain to have stressful issues arise that need proper management, they’ll also learn how to best work with people for the best results via proper communication and problem-solving skills.

Benefits For You:

You’ll Form A New Bond

You’ve gone back to school shopping together, you’ve gone grocery shopping together, but something as important as decorating your home is sure to raise the intimacy and understanding of your relationship exponentially.

It’s a longer-term collaboration that will help you appreciate the way they work alongside you and others, their problem-solving skills, and the way they see everyday life and the world in general. This quality time transforming your home together also works as a great way to remind them of the importance of feeling at home and appreciating it.

You’ll Learn More About Their Tastes

From what drives them aesthetically to them being able to properly communicate their vision while homing in on what they dislike, keeping them involved throughout the life of your project will help keep you on the same page in the future.

Plus, it will help steer you in a design direction the entire household will enjoy and take pride in accomplishing together so you can get the most from your investment and time. And you’ll always have a handy second opinion available that comes from instinct.

You’ll See How They Work With Others

As you and your interior designer help guide them through defining each step of the interior design process, you’ll be able to quickly take note of how well they work with others along with their communication skills.

This, in turn, will help to inspire you into helping them tackle any issues you’ve come across together, and you’ll get to boost their ego by celebrating the aspects and elements they managed with confidence.

All in all, including your children in the interior design process, is a win-win as they’ll remember the in’s and out’s of the project as great childhood memories that were beneficial to boot.

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