Indoor Plant Ideas | The 20 Best Houseplants For Your Home

When it comes to easy to manage indoor plant ideas, its also essential to remember that plants are a great route to adding needed color and texture affordably, and with ease in any room. They instantly add extra visual interest and make for an organic impact in your home, and they are a great way of purifying the air on a regular basis.

If you want to get the low-down on the best indoor plants for your home, then be sure to read on as Décor Aid interior designers have shared 20 stunning indoor plant ideas that’ll make your home all the more unique and inviting. 


Perfectly pretty bouncy leaves full of texture are what draws us to the calatheas. If you need small indoor plant ideas which have a big impact, then one of these in a white or clay pot will make for a wonderful way to add colorful play in any room.

They are also known as the zebra plant, due to their graphic striped leaves and are available in light greens, dark greens, and purple hues for the ultimate mix of riotous color.


If you are concerned about toxins in the air around you, then you’ve hit the jackpot as pothos plants are renowned for their ability to purify air on a regular basis. They come in a variety of colors and are wonderfully charming.

Also known as devil’s ivy, the stunning green tendrils of pothos will reach down; with the tendrils spilling from a plant stand, making for a stunning indoor plant design. They are also a great option for hanging plants as they’ll add organic drama in a room effortlessly while taking little care or maintenance. 

Chinese Evergreen

A Chinese evergreen is a great option if you want a plant which grows well in just about any space. It fares well in indirect sunlight, making it perfect for those pesky corner spots which don’t get loads of natural light.

It grows well in both high and low humidity and can even survive with only artificial light to contend with. Its flexibility makes it one of the best indoor plants around, especially for darker areas in a home like a basement, attic, or bathroom.

Bonsai Tree

If you don’t have much space to play with, how about a bonsai tree? Small, yet perfectly formed, a bonsai tree is an elegant and dramatic option for a smaller apartment where you don’t have room for large palms.

They like a lot of sunlight, so a windowsill will be the best place for one of these small indoor plants and with a little maintenance, your bonsai tree will thrive. The key here is to do some quick research to better understand the best ways to take care of, prune, and water a bonsai tree as they can be delicate and a wrong move could be detrimental. Plus, they do cost more than standard house plants. 

Mini Cacti

Mini cacti are great if you aren’t green-thumbed and want a colorful (and stress-free) addition to your home. A bunch of cute mini cacti in bold pots are a great way of adding interest to your space.

They hardly require any watering when they aren’t growing, so there’s no stress if you forget to water them occasionally. They look great in groupings and are an easy alternative for homes with little space. Best of all, they can be sourced for under 10 dollars each, so the investment is minimal compared to the daily joy they’ll bring you. The same can be said for mini succulents of all sizes as there are plenty of other types to choose from. From a few placed on your desk, in your bathroom, on your dresser – the placement options are limitless thanks to their dainty size.

Dragon Tree

The stiff, spiky leaves of the dragon tree grow upwards, making them the perfect tree to lend a room dramatic flair without taking up too much space. They are fun and striking, and we think they are one of the best indoor plant ideas to introduce some color and texture without being too imposing.

They also look great when paired with Mid-Century Modern furnishings and can be found quite affordably. And when it comes to care and maintenance, they are also quite effortless and need just a touch of pruning every now and then.

Cast Iron Plant

The cast iron plant is aptly named – it’s one of the strongest and most durable houseplants out there. Low light, pool soil conditions, and low water; this plant can withstand it all. The deep green foliage of this plant will add a rich indulgence of color to your room that’ll be wonderful against a white background.

A classic house plant by definition, our interior designers suggest housing cast iron plants in unique vessels and pots to make them a conversation starter in your home.

Asparagus Fern

Asparagus fern is a vivid green plant which will look great growing from a suspended pot. They are also great for softening up your indoor plant designs for home, with their feathery foliage.

They also grow abundantly making for a full look so make sure you house them in a large pot and place them where they will have plenty of space to flourish while adding a vivid and voluminous effect to the area.

Aloe Vera

Despite its spiny appearance and a common misconception, aloe vera does like its water and sunlight, making it a great plant for a bathroom windowsill. There, it can lap up the sunlight and the water, as well as adding a touch of green to a bathroom space.

Plus, it’s a great remedy for soothing burns and healing bruises – making for effective indoor plant design and home remedies rolled into one. Aloe vera also grows very rapidly with ease for those not blessed with a natural green thumb.

Peace Lily

If you want a relatively low maintenance plant, then a peace lily is great as you only have to remember to water them once a week. They do well in low-light settings, so if your home isn’t blessed with tons of natural light, then a peace lily will make for a wonderfully feminine alternative.

They also flower every so often, so if you are looking for a pretty addition to your indoor plant ideas, the delicate white flowers of a peace lily are sure to do the trick. To counterbalance their romantic look, we suggest placing them in ultra-modern pots, like the one featured above. Its oversized pot is unexpected, and the general scale of it adds a sense of strength to a space.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo makes for a cute and vibrant addition to any home. It’s super easy to look after as it grows straight in water and gets on well in minimal light, making it one of the best indoor plants if you aren’t a natural gardener.

Making an impressive addition to any window or side table; they can be grown into visually striking arrangements, with twists and bends in their stalks for the ultimate green statement. And since they don’t require too much light to survive, you can house them almost anywhere in your home without fear of them getting limp. 

Staghorn Fern

A staghorn fern is like nothing you have ever seen before. If you want to intrigue your guests and create an interesting focal point in your room, then a staghorn fern has to be top of your list of indoor plant ideas.

Best grown in a basket for high impact for freely growing foliage, the staghorn fern will live for decades if cared for well. And they also look great suspended.

Weeping Fig

Weeping fig is a great little tree which will brighten up any sill or corner in even the smallest of apartments. They like bright (but indirect) sunlight and require watering every few days.

The nice thing about these trees is that they are abundantly leafy, which isn’t something you always get with small indoor plants. To highlight their wonderful sense of drama, our interior designers suggest finding a similar low lying pot like the one pictured here so you can also show off their beautifully curved branches and stems.

Paddle Plant

Offering something a little more different than your usual succulent, the paddle plant has a distinctive shape – its rounded leaves offer something unusual in comparison to the standard, spiny succulents. With paddle plants, cute is simply an understatement. 

They are easy to care for (just like your standard succulents) and they don’t require much water and grow just fine in all kinds of light. Their mix of warms colors and small scales make them one of our favorite small indoor plants for good reason. 

String of Pearls

Another plant which lends itself to being grown well in a suspended pot, the string of pearls plant cascades over the edge of any surface for the add visual drama.

A swathe of bold green and interesting pearl-like leaves means this is one for your list of indoor plant ideas to make a delightfully stunning impact. Just be sure to prune them accordingly so you can get the best look from them possible. Even better when paired in groupings like on the mantle above, where they are also a much more affordable alternative to mantle décor. 


Even if you don’t know it, you’re bound to have seen a philodendron plant at some point during your interior design research. A  philodendron is a stunning plant which is traditionally decorative – climbing up whatever you allow it to.

Their large jagged-edged green leaves make it one of the best indoor plant designs for home, as they add a big splash of color to any space. They also grow rather rapidly, boasting a full look with ease.

English Ivy

English ivy is quick to grow and quite romantic and charming to boot. Allow their tendrils to escape down the side of a pot and sweep towards the floor for an extra warm look. However, be careful not to let it get attached to the wall, or you’ll have a hard time detaching it.

Pretty and simple, this flowing flora is a great cheap indoor plant idea. And since they can be easily found in any size, you can place them around your home in even the smallest of areas. Even better for small apartment interior design cues to consider.

Chinese Money Plant

The curious round leaves of the Chinese money plant make it a playful addition to your windowsill. It needs plenty of bright sunlight and careful watering (so maybe not the best option if your track record with plants is suspect).

It’s a dramatic little plant and as small indoor plants go – it certainly makes a stunning impact. And since they boast such a specific silhouette, we suggest placing them in simple, minimally minded pots and vessels to keep the look uncomplicated and the eye focused on the leaves.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

A bit of a tongue twister, but the fiddle leaf fig is worth it. If you have a large space to fill, then this is one of the best indoor plants for it. They grow quickly and their extra-large leaves are glossy and shapely. Place in the corner of a room in a big pot and wait for the magic to happen.

The only drawback about a fiddle leaf fig along with their size is the fact that they can be one of the more expensive indoor plant ideas that are easy to care for.

Spider Plants

These are by far the easiest plants to care for. They hardly require any watering and seem to grow pretty much in thin air. They are simple and graceful and are one of the best indoor plant ideas if you want something low maintenance.

They also look great suspended or placed on a large window sill. Again, we suggest keeping the pot you place them in simple in design so it won’t take away from the natural beauty of a spider plant.

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