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Spring Home designing: Refresh Your Home’s Decor

Interior Design Guide

spring home redesign accents

The weather is beginning to warm and that means spring is here. After you’re done with your spring cleaning ritual, consider giving your space a quick refresh, to reflect the change of seasons. Follow our guide to welcome spring into your home. 

House Plants

spring home redesign plant wall

Winter is almost over, which means nature is in bloom. If you want to welcome a bit of spring into your home, then consider sprucing up your space with some greenery. Pick up a few plants from your local nursery, or go whole hog with something bigger. In this Central Park West penthouse, we installed a living plant wall next to the foyer, to reflect our client’s dedication to the environmental movement.

New Art

spring home redesign art

When redecorating your home for the spring season, think about rejuvenation. And what better way to rejuvenate your space than with some new art? We love the big, bold, abstract piece that hangs over the sectional in this Four Seasons San Francisco luxury condo. It incorporates natural elements, and brings a youthful, natural vibe to this contemporary and urban living room.

Add Some Accent Colors

spring home redesign accents

Winter can bring out the bitter minimalist in all of us. With cloudy skies and rainy weather, a grey-scale design scheme can be tempting. But now that spring is here, it’s time to brighten things up. In this dynamic Westchester home, we added a series of primary colored pillows to this living room. Along with a few wood pieces and greenery, these accent pillows brought a ton of color to this otherwise grey-scale room.


spring home redesign paint

Spaces that lack natural light can easily feel subterranean. Besides knocking out a wall and installing some windows, the easiest way to brighten your space is to repaint. The kitchen in this New York co-op was in desperate need of some natural light, so we painted the walls white, sourced a white tile backsplash, and installed high-sheen cabinets. Check out the before & after images.


spring home redesign declutter

Before you start your spring cleaning, consider decluttering. In this Hoboken home showing, we decluttered the built-in bookshelves, which dramatically freshened the space. Group decorative objects in coordinating triplets, and corral blankets and throws into baskets. If you can’t find a place for something, then toss it, donate it, or gift it.

New Window Treatments

spring home redesign window treatments

We love thick, heavy curtains in the winter months. They create a somber mood, and can help retain heat in your home. But when spring rolls around, hang up some window treatments that are light and breezy. In this high-rise apartment, we picked sheer white window treatments, which keeps the apartment feelings bright and airy.

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