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5 Interior Designs Ending In 2018

Sleek living spaces, tech-inspired decor, and cool color palettes were a few of the top interior design trends of 2017. Today, we see nature inspired homes, mixed metals and bolder hues stepping forward as new hot and fresh decor trends. Taking a look back at what was in and looking ahead to what will be […]

Blank Wall Designing Tips That Liven Up Any Home

A large, blank wall is the perfect place to exhibit your design sensibility and your personal interests. So don’t let an empty wall go unadorned. Our senior designers have these suggestions for how to decorate a blank wall.  Living Plant Wall If you have a blank wall in your home, then use it to show […]

Create Magic With These Unforgettable Spring Party Decor Tips

Since Easter falls around the coming of spring, take advantage of nature’s reemerging beauty by hosting a memorably stylish event at home this season with spring party decor ideas that are effortless, and endlessly inspiring. And since there’s more to the season than pretty pastels, reflect the fresh, clean feeling of spring with striking tablescapes, […]

Home Décor Trends Inspired By Fashion

You might take it for granted, but fashion trends shouldn’t just upgrade the way you present yourself when they can also inspire how you dress and re-dress your environment. Though people are often quick to dismiss fashion as ephemeral and frivolous, there’s something to be said about the quiet synchronicity the fashion and interior design industries share […]

Best Interior Designers And Decorators On The West Coast

Here’s a look at the best west coast interior designers for your next project… Kerrie Kelly Northern California interior designer Kerrie Kelly founded Kerrie Kelly Design Lab in 1995. Kerrie is an award-winning interior designer, author, and multi-media consultant, helping national brands reach the interior design market. Kerrie is a Fellow and Board Member of ASID (American […]

How To Design A Nursery That Reflects Joy and Style

Few home projects are as life-changing as decorating a nursery. Setting up the baby’s room and choosing nursery decor can feel like a daunting task, but try to relax and have fun with it. After all, the most important thing is that you create a space where you and your baby will be comfortable. With […]

Interview with Furniture Designer Aaron Portiz

When Aaron Poritz says he’s been around by furniture design and art for as long as he can remember, he’s not exaggerating. As a kid he spent a lot of time in his father’s wood shop and sculpture studio, and he ended up studying architecture and ceramics. But after working as an architect in New York for […]

Designer Decor Lesson: The Gourd Lamp

No matter how carefully you’ve chosen your sofa, how much time you spent dithering over rugs or how many paint colors you tried on the walls, one fluorescent bulb can ruin the whole carefully orchestrated design effect. Lighting is one of the most important components of a well-designed room. We love to layer our lighting choices — providing […]

Spring Home designing: Refresh Your Home’s Decor

The weather is beginning to warm and that means spring is here. After you’re done with your spring cleaning ritual, consider giving your space a quick refresh, to reflect the change of seasons. Follow our guide to welcome spring into your home.  House Plants Winter is almost over, which means nature is in bloom. If you […]

First Apartment Checklist: Interior Design Tips to Make Adulting Easier

Around the time you sign the lease for your first apartment, things get real. You probably also just got your first job, and you’re ready to create a home that feels adult-y, complete with matching dishes instead of paper plates, and bookshelves instead of stacked milk crates. Check out our tips for designing and decorating your […]

How to Add Pops of Color In Your Home

Any good designer will tell you that a neutral palette can be a great backdrop needed to create a well-curated interior. In fact, an amazing way to add a stylistic cohesiveness throughout your home is by sourcing neutral decor. In the past few years, this design theme was emphasized in the trending colors. Tans, various […]

Eames Dowel Leg Chair

Husband and wife team Charles and Ray Eames created some of the most innovative chair designs of the 20th century. Their chairs were fabricated out of everything from wood and fiberglass to plastic and metal mesh. The pair met at Cranbook Academy of Art in Michigan, and after sorting out some relationship complications (Charles was married at […]

Inspiring Fall 2018 Interior Design Upgrades From Our Designers

Now that the last days of summer are approaching, we asked our decorators for quick, savvy tips to bring in fall 2018 interior design upgrades into your home to help you stay ahead of the curve as the season’s change since you’ll most be likely spending more time indoors. Enjoy our round-up of the top home decor […]

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas | 15 Inspiring Backyard Designs

Who wouldn’t love an outdoor kitchen where you can host al fresco dinners with friends and loved ones? An outdoor kitchen is a worthy investment if there ever was one. Whether you are in the process of building a new kitchen outdoors or perhaps you want to renovate your existing outdoor kitchen, our renovation experts at Decor […]

Lessons In Outdoor Tropical Decor American Trade Hotel

Located in the 340 year-old Casco Viejo neighborhood in Panama City, The American Trade Hotel is the result of a collaborations of design superstars– hip LA design firm Commune, architect Hildegard Vasquez of Hache Uve, (Panama’s leading historic restoration firm) and the Ace Hotel group. The hotel’s name is a nod to its provenance as the national headquarters for various American and foreign […]

How To Plan A Kitchen Remodel – 9 Questions To Ask Yourself First

There’s no question that the kitchen is often the heart of every home as its where your family and friends gather for home cooked meals, homework and family meetings, so it should radiate warmth and comfort. If your kitchen is outdated or the appliances are mismatched, consider yourself in the market to renovate your kitchen. A […]

10 Simple Interior Design Hacks For An Instant Refresh

The thought of refreshing your home interior design can be daunting – but with the right steps, you’ll be able to easily refresh your home with confidence as there are tons of interior design ideas which are simple and effective. Whether you’re looking to refresh your home on a budget or are looking to elevate […]

Accent Wall Guide – Stylish Accent Wall Design Ideas For Your Home

Painting a room is one of the most affordable ways to make a big splash in a home redesign. If there’s a paint color that you’ve been considering, but you’re worried that it might be too bold for an entire room, consider using that paint color for an accent wall. Accent walls are not only visually […]

Dark Basement Ideas To Help You Make The Best Use Of It

More often than not, even though they can add extra living space to work with, a dark basement can be a challenging roadblock to master and turnaround. If you are about to renovate your basement, chances are that it might already be suffering from a dark and dingy feel. If this sounds like your basement, […]

Designer Decor Lesson: Windsor Chair

When our designers chose a statement chair for our Connecticut redesign project, they reached for a design classic, the Windsor chair. Like many of our favorite things — tweeds, the Anglepoise lamp and Terrance Conrad, to name a few — the chair hails from the British Isles. They’re named for the fact that they were first used in the Windsor […]

Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas 2021 | Top 15 Tips To Try

When looking for inspiration for small kitchen renovation ideas there’s often a lot more to consider than you probably initially reasoned. Due to limited space, a small kitchen renovation can sometimes be difficult to implement without clever planning and research. However, having a small kitchen also comes with its own benefits and advantages. One, of […]

20 Brilliant Wall Decor Ideas

Whether you are after kitchen wall decor ideas, bedroom wall decor ideas or bathroom wall decor ideas here’s our take on the best routes for a well-judged wall throughout your home. Best of all, almost all of them are savvy affordable design ideas that are sure to inspire you for years to come. From repurposing […]

Best Interior Designers and Decorators in Westchester, NY

For your next project, consider these Westchester interior designers… Elissa Grayer Interior Design Elissa Grayer Interior Design is an award-winning, high-end full service design firm based in Rye, NY. In business since 2001, Elissa Grayer has been involved in the planning, design, and project management of apartments, homes, and vacation residences in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts […]

Interior Design Lesson: Chic Miami Decor

Miami is a city that makes you want to dress up, look good, and overall just bring it. That elevated attitude extends to interior design, where chic elegance beats laid-back comfort any day. This effortlessly sophisticated Miami design might make you want to step up your home decor…and sit up a little straighter while you’re at it. The best […]

Best Decorators and Interior Designers in The Hamptons

As an interior design company servicing both commercial and residential design projects throughout The Hamptons area, we’re constantly on the hunt for the town’s best interior design talents while looking at The Hampton’s casually sophisticated style for inspiration.  And in a locale as varied and vibrant as the The Hamptons, we’ve gathered our go-to local […]

How To Mix Interior Design Styles With Confidence

Because sticking to a specific style is boring, uninspiring, and challenging to boot, we’re looking at easy ways to mix interior design styles culled from our decorators to create a unique and inviting layered look in any room. From modern minimalism paired with the traditional to a layered juxtaposition of styles that mixes almost every design style […]

Small Living Room Ideas To Make The Best Use Of The Space

Not everyone is blessed with a large living room and if you are one of those unfortunate souls, then you should take note of these small living room decor ideas as told by Décor Aid interior designers. There are plenty of small living room design ideas in 2019 that you can use to create extra space in […]

8 Ways To Design A Rustic Industrial Living Room

It’s no surprise that the high-low charm of rustic industrial living rooms has taken the interior design world by storm. From structural elements and exposed finishes to industrial inspired furniture and lighting, there’s no doubt that rustic industrial interior design will definitely be here to stay. Bringing back an age-old design concept that focuses on […]

The 10 Best Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Whether you’re in the process of building a new home or planning to renovate your existing bathroom, it’s helpful to keep yourself up to date on the latest bathroom trends. For most of us, a bathroom is a personal sanctuary, a place where we start our mornings every single day. To get you inspired, our […]

Modern Tropical Home Interior Design Ideas To Inspire

With classic, Cuban inspired tropical décor making a mark on the summer season, we’re looking at simple solutions to bring the tropics into your home interior to create your own retro-inspired oasis. Sure, we’ve all seen vintage takes on the trend that are highly comical and hardly inspiring, but we’re not talking about a garish […]

The Best Bedroom Flooring Ideas For Your Home

When it comes to updating your bedroom flooring there’s an endless variety of enticing options to take in, but how can you faithfully narrow down the best bedroom flooring ideas for your home? Since the floor in your bedroom is the first thing you set foot on when you wake up in the morning and […]

9 Ways To Keep Your House Plants Alive This Winter

We love our plants. Not only do they function as wonderful decorations, but they also clean and purify the air in our homes and apartments. But winter is coming, and chances are your plants weren’t designed to withstand freezing temperatures. If you want your precious green friends to survive until spring, follow our nine steps for keeping your plants […]

Wall Texture Ideas Defined | Everything You Should Know

There’s more to walls than you think, and there’s more than one kind of wall treatment to consider when creating or updating a space. But how do you go about considering the best wall texture ideas for your space? To help inspire you so you can choose the best wall texture ideas for your project, […]

Stay More Productive With Smart Summer Decorating Ideas For Any Workspace

It seems like summer is just around the corner, and with warmer months come summer decorating ideas to take note of for your office. When it’s bright and sunny outside and everyone else is enjoying a refreshing drink outside, there is nothing worse than being stuck inside working – but sometimes it just has to […]

Home Styling Tricks – 8 Decorating Hacks To Try

Looking for new home styling tricks to update your home? To get you inspired, we turned to our decorators to share their wisdom on accessorizing and styling your home to help you make statements big and small throughout it. “The details are not the details. They make the design.” – the perfect quote from iconic furniture designer […]

French Chic Decorating Tips To Inspire You

Just as it’s known as the cultural capital of the world, denizens of France just might have the best taste in the world. Given their affinity for ground-breaking art, gourmet delicacies and an impeccably cool and unstudied sense of sartorial style, the aesthetic joys the French inject in every aspect of their daily lives has […]

Kitchen Countertop Ideas That You’ve Got To See

Are you on the hunt for kitchen countertop ideas that are worth your time and investment and are sure to last a lifetime, but don’t know where to start? Sure enough, it can be a hard decision to make, but even harder when you aren’t familiar with kitchen countertop design ideas that are practical and stylish. […]

Modern Kitchen Cabinets | The Best Ideas + Styles For 2021

Are you planning on updating your kitchen this year but don’t know where to begin? If so, we’re looking at the best modern kitchen cabinets to get you inspired with serious style. With kitchen upgrades in mind, Décor Aid interior designers have compiled a list of the best modern kitchen cabinets to get your kitchen refresh started […]

Retaining Wall Ideas | Every Type You Need To Know

When it comes to elevating your outdoor space, the sky is the limit, but unfortunately, so are budget requirements. And if you’re unhappy with having a garden that is uneven or sloping, then a retaining wall will instantly help you reimagine your outdoor space as you’ve always wanted it to be. A retaining wall enables […]

sage green kitchen interior

Sage Green Paint Colors | Great Ideas For Your Home

Looking for a neutral paint color that’s got more depth and warmth than cold and clinical white, but is not as visually heavy as a black or a brown? As a striking alternative, consider sage green paint colors as an ideal solution. According to Décor Aid interior designers, sage is a delightfully gender-neutral shade and […]

Designer Secrets to Smooth Redesigning

Everyone deserves to come home to a beautiful space. And whether you’re considering a full-on gut renovation or a quick touch up, it’s important to plan ahead, so that all goes according to plan, and so that your project stays under budget. Our senior designers have these 8 tips for a smooth redesign. SCOPEBefore you […]

small kitchen design

Small Kitchen Ideas | Find Inspiration For Your Next Update

Working in a small kitchen can create many daily challenges in any home, so how do you make the best use of your small kitchen? To help inspire your every day, we turned to Décor Aid interior designers and renovation experts for their takes on smart small kitchen ideas. After all, just because your kitchen is small […]

table setting outdoor summer party

20+ Elegant Summer Party Ideas Our Interior Designers Swear

As summer parties are as synonymous with the season as trips to the beach and a pitcher of sangria, we ran a quick survey by our interior designers to deliver you the best in easy to manage summer party ideas to elevate your next outdoor party with the same confidence you had in decorating your […]

living room stylish storage

Decluttering Tips From Experts That Are Actually Worth Trying

Now that ‘sparking joy’ has become a common catchphrase thanks to Mari Kondo, we’re looking at decluttering tips for your home that take a little common sense and practicality to master. From room to room, discover what Décor Aid interior designers consider the best ways to make the best use of the space you have to work […]

patio built in outdoor kitchen

Covered Patio Ideas | Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Space

No matter the season, covered patio ideas are certain to come in use year-round and will be sure to boost the potential resale value of your space. After all, they make for a desirable semi-living room-like space that can easily serve as an extension of your living space while protecting you from bad weather, and […]

dotted wallpaper design

Cool Wallpaper Ideas | Here’s How To Keep The Look Modern

Have you been on the hunt for cool wallpaper ideas but don’t know where to begin? Let the wisdom of Décor Aid interior designers put you at ease as they’ve shared their takes on cool room wallpaper ideas that’ll be sure to make your walls sing.   After all, room-defining wallpaper isn’t as cumbersome of an addition […]

modern ceiling design

Ceiling Design Ideas | Elevate Your 5th Wall With Ease

Referred to as the fifth wall, your ceiling might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to updating your home for added luxury, but ceiling design ideas can make a world of difference in making any home feel one-of-a-kind. From classic vaulted ceilings to a modern minimal ribbon glass-plated ceiling, there’s […]

small sofa living room

Small Living Room Ideas – How To Design at The Best Use Of The Space

Not everyone owns a large and spacious living room, and even if you do, it can still be challenging to decorate right. Nevertheless, most urban dwellers know and love the challenge of working with a small and compact living room space all too well. Irrespective of the availability of space you do have to work […]

bold inky blue kitchen

Kitchen Paint Colors – The Best To Try At Home And Why

Need to revamp your kitchen and wondering what the best kitchen paint colors are for the long run? Your kitchen is often the hub of your home and where your family gathers to discuss the days’ events, a space to entertain your friends, or your very own chef’s’ paradise to whip up a culinary storm. […]

batik block bedroom wallpaper

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas 2021 | Stunning Trends To Try

Though they haven’t been in vogue since the ’90s, there are scores of inspiring new wallpaper designs that are sure to lend any room in your home added visual interest for years to come. But what bedroom wallpaper? Since your bedroom is one of the most intimate areas in your home, we turned to Décor Aid interior […]

bathroom traditional floral wallpaper

Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas That Are Certain To Inspire

A bathroom is generally a pretty moist environment and bathroom wallpaper ideas understandably might not be your first cue when you are thinking about renovating or refreshing your bathroom. But as bathrooms are traditionally tiled to protect against water stains and dampness in a bathroom to it easier to clean, there’s no reason you can’t […]

scallop tiles bathroom

Bathroom Tile Ideas: 17 Inspiring Design Ideas For Your Home

Have you been thinking about renovating your bathroom but are struggling to decide on bathroom tiles? Are you looking for inspiration? Believe us, we know it can be hard to make up your mind as to which direction to go. Fortunately, we turned to Décor Aid interior designers to come up with 17 bathroom tile ideas to […]

bathroom classic style

Bathroom Paint Colors | Every Shade You Should Consider

When it comes to considering the best bathroom paint colors for your home, its probably one of the hardest paint choices you’ll have to make. The bathroom is a room which isn’t often considered as a room where interior design is paramount. It’s a room that you are in and out of, spending as little […]

bathroom interior design

Bathroom Renovation: 7 Signs You Need An Upgrade

Do you constantly find yourself unsatisfied with your bathroom, leaving endlessly whining about what irks you? Have you been dreaming about an all-out rejuvenating bathroom renovation? If you’ve been thinking about a bathroom renovation big or small, you’re likely to have questions and concerns about how to keep your remodel functional, affordable and easy on […]

taupe color interior

Taupe Color Ideas To Inspire Every Room In Your Home

Here’s How To Decorate With A Taupe Color Palette When looking for alternatives to standard white color schemes that are less clinical and cold yet neutral enough to pair well with just about any design style, nothing beats a warm and inviting take on taupe color ideas. But how can you define a soothing yet […]

eco friendly wooden cabinets

Clever And Stylish Tips For Sustainable Interior Design

How To Decorate Your House With Sustainable Interior Design As we become more aware of the impact our daily lives have on the environment, our interior designers are always on the hunt for the best in eco-friendly, sustainable interior design techniques to maximize our clients home efficiency, and to help reduce their impact by keeping […]

golden frame mirror decor

10+ Clever Budget Friendly Interior Decorating Ideas To Try

Have you been feeling a bit bored and uninspired as you walk throughout your home, longing for a refresh? As we approach the holiday weekend and you begin to plan spring upgrades throughout your home for the summer, we tasked Décor Aid designers to come up with easy to manage, budget friendly interior decorating ideas […]

Chicago Interior Designers and Decorators: Best 15

As an interior design company servicing both commercial and residential design projects throughout the Chicago area, we’re constantly on the hunt for the city’s best interior design talents while looking at Chicago’s casually sophisticated style for inspiration.  And in a town as varied and vibrant as the Windy City, we’ve gathered our go-to local decorators […]

dark wall interior design

The Surprising Dark Accent Walls Trend To Try

As we’ve noticed a steep increase in our interior designers suggesting dark accent walls from project to project, we’ve considered the best routes to go bold when looking for quick room pick me up’s to give a go in your home. From bland rooms devoid of architectural features to figuring out exactly where to indulge […]

luxurious interior design

8 Luxurious Living Room Interior Design Ideas For Inspiration

Because there’s something to be said about a well-judged, well-appointed, elevated living room or common room, we’re looking at easy to manage practices to boost one of the most often used rooms in your home. That said, luxurious living room interior design isn’t always about investing in the most expensive things. It’s definitely possible to […]

meditation room

10 Great Ideas + Furnishings To Create A Spirited Meditation Room

Imagine having a personal oasis in your own home that allows you to check out and surround yourself with comforting mindfulness to elevate your emotional well-being while allowing you to escape the daily stresses of life? But how does a novice come up with mindful meditation room ideas? To help you create a distinctive space that lets […]

Top 15 NYC Interior Designers | Best Interior Designer & Decorator NYC

As an interior design company based in New York City, we’re constantly finding ourselves inspired by the city’s restless energy, chic inhabitants and lively design scene. And while it’s no secret that our city is home to the best interior designers money can hire, how do you go about finding the right interior decorators for your specific […]

concrete kitchen floor design

Kitchen Flooring Ideas | The Top 12 Trends of The Year

Are you on the hunt for inspiring new kitchen flooring to elevate one of your most commonly used rooms? To get you on track with the best kitchen flooring options, we turned to our renovation experts for their takes on the top kitchen flooring ideas of 2019. Sustainability, warm tones, and natural materials are sure to make […]

Cozy, brown corner sofa with decorative cushions

Living Room Paint Colors – The 14 Best Paint Trends To Try

Change A Room In One Go: On Trend And Timeless Living Room Paint Colors Deciding on the best living room paint colors can be a challenge for most people. Especially since its the one room in your home that gets all eyes as it’s a social space where you bond with your loved ones and entertain […]

Grey Sofa

15 Ways To Style A Grey Sofa In Your Home

Some interior design blogs say that a grey sofa is boring or unoriginal. However, ask any interior designer for their takes on the forever-popular tend of gray sofas, and they’ll be sure to instantly disagree. In fact, a grey sofa has more decorating potential than any other furniture piece in your home. Think of a grey […]