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Decluttering Tips From Experts That Are Actually Worth Trying

Now that ‘sparking joy’ has become a common catchphrase thanks to Mari Kondo, we’re looking at decluttering tips for your home that take a little common sense and practicality to master.

From room to room, discover what Décor Aid interior designers consider the best ways to make the best use of the space you have to work with.


hallway storage idea

Explore what’s in the area- Since daily life can be hectic and people tend to drop and go in their entryways, do sift through what’s been sitting there for who knows how long? From random keys to that phone charger you’ve been looking for, you never know what you’ll come across that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Create a designated landing zone- From a handy side table to a handsome credenza, keep the area tidy with a spot to put everything that should be there. And skip out on open shelving since it’s best to keep concealed here.

Bring in storage- Think covered baskets, stylish hooks, and catchall trays to house the essentials.


living room stylish storage

Bring in stylish storage- The best way to declutter and keep tidy on a regular basis is through as many attractive storage solutions as possible to keep everything out of sight.

Organize every aspect- For a well-judged feel, comb through everything in your living room and explore what can go and what should stay.

Edit + repeat- Instantly refresh the look and feel of your living room with a thorough edit and do move things around to make the room feel anew.


dining room storage buffet

Create dining and serving stations- Bring in a credenza or a buffet that’ll help you store dinnerware while doing double-duty as a surface to display decorative items and food.

If your dining room is a multi-use area- If you use your dining room as a workstation consider ways to transform the room when needed effectively, like with fresh storage features and spots to stow away what you’re working on.


kitchen cabinet idea

Clear counter and pantry clutter- Again; edit, sort, and repeat. From letting go of long expired food to creating a system that will make finding everything you need easier, a good sort through your cabinets and pantry will yield helpful results. And if it doesn’t need to be out on your counter, do find a dedicated spot for it.

Edit your cookware and tools- Your kitchen has probably got a junk drawer full of odd gadgets and tools that you may have only used once, and if you don’t see yourself using it again, let it go.

Source streamlined storage- Because nothing is more inspiring than a trip to The Container Store, do peruse their goods for as many stylish storage options that’ll come in handy in your home.


bedroom storage idea

Refresh tabletops- From your dresser to your nightstands, go through what’s on top and consider what’s an every day essential, what’s purely decorative, and what can go. This can, in turn, make getting ready and keeping tidy much easier.

Zone by usage- As you edit and declutter group similar items together to keep better track of them for easy reach when needed.

Edit your closet- To keep better track of the clothing you do have, go through your closet each season and reconsider what’s worth keeping and what you can let go of to make better use of your closet space while eliminating what you should go.

No more wire hangers- Instead, opt for wooden hangers for a more grownup look that will also help your clothes age better. And do sort everything by color and season to make getting ready in the morning effortless.

Bring in a valet- A handsome valet or designated zone to store the day’s clothing will help you keep everything off of the floor.


bathroom storage idea

Reconsider toiletries- Make more space by combing through toiletries and discarding what you really don’t need or use. And do move the more attractively packaged products to the front.

Again, bring in new smart storage solutions- From room to room nothing beats attractive storage solutions to cleverly conceal what doesn’t always need to be out. Plus, you’ll always know where everything is.

Clear those counters and cabinets- Now that you’ve let go of what you don’t need and have brought in new storage units, keep those counters clean and clutter-free to evoke the feel of a luxurious getaway where you can relax.


office storage idea

New file sorters- Know where everything is when you need it by properly organizing all of your paperwork in file containers that’ll keep everything out of sight.

Catchall trays- Again, when it comes to things that you’d normally put in a ‘junk’ drawer, nothing beats a chic tray for keys, loose change, and random necessities like paperclips and the ilk.

Edit furnishings- Since most people create home offices with furnishings from other rooms along with hand-me-downs and second-hand finds, do survey what works, and what’s there for almost no particular reason. After all, a better-looking workspace will help keep you inspired and more productive.

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