Wall Texture Ideas Defined | Everything You Should Know

There’s more to walls than you think, and there’s more than one kind of wall treatment to consider when creating or updating a space. But how do you go about considering the best wall texture ideas for your space? To help inspire you so you can choose the best wall texture ideas for your project, we turned to Décor Aid renovation and construction experts to share everything they know about wall texture ideas for you.

Your wall texture isn’t just about a quick coat of paint covering a wall with the intent of creating a beautiful well-judged design. Although wall paint color is significant when considering design choices for spaces, the texture of your walls can also define a space as well. The ability to create a texture-rich wall speaks volumes about your decor style and taste for the unique.

Whether in the bathroom, living room or kitchen, adding texture to the walls in your home can give each space much more depth, and this can be easy to achieve with nature-rich elements such as marble and hardwood. Perhaps you are remodeling your home, and you need some unique wall texture ideas you can bring in easily? Lucky for you, there are lots of viable styles and options for you to consider. While some require a large budget, others can be implemented with little resources and with ease. That said, here are the top wall texture ideas you should consider if you are looking to create a transformational update.

Splatter knockdown

This wall texture idea requires more effort and resources than any other wall texture idea. It’s because it involves several steps during the installation process to get the look and feel just right. First, coat the wall with two coats of primer before spraying the texture material over it. As soon as the texture material is set, and the surface has smoothened, use a knife to fine-tune its rough edges into shape.

This process can be very messy and challenging; hence it is not ideal for DIY renovations and projects alike. However, it is perfect for new construction projects.

Comb texture

This wall texture idea is a popular choice among interior design experts and homeowners that value highly styled wall surfaces. The combed textural look is created by using a simple tool to draw fine lines of varying length along a wall. Thus, there is a high chance of it producing rainbow-like lines that are repeated on various walls and angles for a nod to the world of Art-Deco design.

Popcorn texture

This wall texture is specifically meant for ceilings. And it’s mostly used for covering uneven angles on ceiling panels that are not easy to work with. This wall texture style can also help to reduce noise due to the full application process it needs and its thickness. It also offers a great way of bringing back timeless retro wall texture ideas for living room.

You can easily apply it using a texture sprayer with a compressor alongside a popcorn ceiling texture mix. The only drawback of this wall texture idea is that it’s difficult to remove once applied and it can catch dust and cobwebs.

Slap brush texture

Slap brush texture for walls is created by using a stomp brush or panda paw to mark a wall. This type of wall texture works best when you are trying to hide some imperfections or defects on a wall. It is one of those popular wall texture ideas for bathroom that will help you conceal different kinds of wall imperfections while trying to bring out the distinctive features of a wall.

The best technique for achieving this is by smoothly layering a drywall compound layer over the wall surface. Then, use a brush to stamp or tweak it several times until the desired result is achieved. However, the result you will get depends on the type of brush you use and the way you handle it.

Santa Fe texture

This wall texture is worthy of a mention as it was one of the most applied wall texture ideas 2019. You can easily create the look by using a wide drywall knife. Santa Fe texture is usually characterized by two layers of drywall with one layer having a slightly smoother texture than the other.

This idea of wall texture is perfect for mudrooms, balconies, and small areas but not ideal for a living room since it can look visually distracting even when it is tonal.

Orange peel wall texture

Just as the name implies, this wall texture type looks resembles a real orange peel but with a bumpier surface. Although it’s similar to the feel of a splatter knockdown wall texture, it requires a more consistent application than the former. To do this effectively, avoid strengthening the wall texture paint immediately after spraying.

Instead, leave it to dry and apply one or two coats of primer and paint to create the desired look.

Hawk and Trowel

Hawk and Trowel wall texture ideas are perfect for when you are searching for wall texture ideas for bedroom. The name of this wall texture was derived from the tools used in creating it. It consists of several layers of texture rolled against one another.

Apply Hawk and Trowel textures to your bedroom drywall and watch the dramatic transformation take place to help redefine the space.

Hand-applied drywall texture

Even though the application process is similar, drywall textures offer a variety of look. This type of wall texture idea is applied by hand mostly. But you will need a specially designed brush and knife for this purpose.

Ad do expect an uneven look boasting plenty of tonal texture and artisanal imperfections that should be appreciated rather than concealed.

Sand swirl

This is another popular wall texture idea that takes some time to perfect, yet it can transform the look of your home in the most dramatic way possible. It is therefore ideal to be considered as on one of the top wall texture ideas for the kitchen. However, this type of wall texture cannot be created alone.

You will need a partner to roll a perlite primer already mixed with sand while you create an arched pattern with it. This is done by making a series of rounded hand motions to create the desired effect. While using the brush, you can create slightly free patterns or geometric lines along a wall.


This wall texture is similar to the slap brush texture idea. For this wall texture idea, the texture is created by making circles in the wet mud using a brush. Thus, creating a pattern of rosebuds. This process is done repeatedly until you get the desired texture. The best place to practice it is on an older piece of drywall needing an update.

This wall texture idea is great for hiding severe wall imperfections and it is very easy to apply as a DIY project. More so, it will lend a striking visual appeal in your living room while drawing attention to your walls.

Crows feet

Crows feet is one of the most popular wall texture ideas for bathroom that is easily created using a clean brush with stiff bristles — and then applying wet mud on drywall with the brush. When the mud is pushed up, it forms a texture that looks like a crows feet, hence the name of the wall texture.

Unlike other wall textures, the major drawback of a crow’s feet wall texture is that dust can easily settle in the deep grooves of the wall texture. Aside from this, it is a beautiful wall texture that can transform the look of your living room when you apply it on your drywall.

Stomp brush

This is achieved when you apply wet mud to the drywall. You will need a brush with long bristles to accomplish this textured look. When you push upward using the rounded brush, the stomp brush texture pattern is created. Use the rounded brush to repeat the pattern until the desired texture is achieved. This wall texture might not be easy to master all at once. But after some time, you will understand the basics and master the technique.

Textured walls are not the same with plain paints in terms of colors and consistency. Texture paints have a denser feel and pigment that makes it possible for them to transform the look of your home and create an amazing effect.

These wall texture ideas for drywall are perfect for home renovation and new home construction projects alike. Feel free to experiment with them as often as desired.

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