Interior Design Blogs | The 25 Best One’s For Inspiration

Are you looking for savvy sources of inspiration for your next interior design project but don’t know where to begin? Whenever you’re looking for guidance and interior design ideas, you need reliable sources to turn to such as trusted popular interior design blogs that are considered the best on the web thanks to their innovative and fresh takes on interior design practices. Before embarking on any interior design project, you should gather as much inspiration as possible from the likes of Pinterest and decor-minded online publications. Fortunately, there is never a shortage of inspiration for interior design on the web, and along with them, you can find inspiration from just about anywhere. Inspiration can be found in your favorite films, t.v shows, and just about anywhere that catches your eye. When you get the right info from reputable interior design blogs 2019, you will find yourself partnering with trendsetters in the industry that’ll make your every day all the better. These are the people that decide what’s viable, and what will be considered as a jaw-dropping idea in the interior design world.

Of course, it goes without saying that the pros know what they are doing. That should be the defining reason why you should peruse and go through as many blogs by top interior design companies and publications as possible to garner the information that you need. From decorative finishings to bedroom accessories, the interior design blogs we have outlined below for you in this feature will help you push your dream home ideas into a reality.

To keep you in the know and on-trend we suggest you check out the 20 best interior design blogs to follow as well as their Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook accounts for daily inspiration, interior design hacks, and surprisingly unique ideas only a pro could suggest.


Freshome is one of the most influential interior design decor blogs around that has great decor ideas that are loved by everyone. Thus, making it a favorite to many interior design aficionados and influencers. If you cherish design ideas that are centered around luxury, creativity, and architecture, Freshome should prove to be a go-to for inspiration.

Since launching Freshome in 2007, CEO Micle-Mihai Cristian has seen his monthly viewership pass 10 million unique visitors, thanks to his up-to-the-minute takes on everything design, décor, and architecture related. From conjuring your dream home to practical practices to make the best use of the space you have to work with, Freshome delivers design, architecture, luxury, travel, and lifestyle news and hacks to inspire creativity in the home.

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy is one of the top high-end interior design blogs to follow for a daily dose of design ideas and inspiration for your home. The blog has useful tools and resources that will be sure to help you improve the appearance of your home without having to spend a small fortune on updates. Apartment Therapy helps you learn how to maximize your budget by educating you on what to acquire and what to ignore.

And it’s pretty impressive to when you realize that the platform spawned from a newsletter email campaign to what it is today. The tone is friendly, conversational, and helpful which makes all of the suggestions and interior design ideas all the more relatable and worthy to consider.


EyeSwoon is a great resource to peruse if you’re on the hunt for lifestyle and entertaining tips and advice that are effortlessly elegant and approachable. It covers a wide range of topics that span through health, decor, family and food ideas.

So whether you are looking for a design idea for your living room or the what to prepare for an unforgettable breakfast soirée, you should check out this decor blog for enviable ideas that are within reach. The brainchild of uber-stylish lifestyle guru Athena Calderone, consider EyeSwoom the ultimate destination for celebrating the beauty and deliciousness of the everyday. Plus, it also boasts a curated shopping section that allows you to source some of Calderone’s favorite finds. 

Decor Aid

With continuous growth and hundreds of informative features, the blog department from firm Decor Aid is once again one of the top interior design blogs 2019. If you are searching for trending design styles 2019 and decor trends that will stand the test of time, consider the blog a great source of inspiration as it culls informative decor ideas from it’s ever-growing roster of top interior designers and renovation experts from across the nation.

Whether you need design inspiration for a DIY design project, or you need ideas for inspiration when you hire an interior designer, we suggest you bookmark this design blog for daily inspiration.

Apartment 34

Apartment 34 is not just another interior design blog, but it’s also a beautifully designed one with a modern simplicity to it and crisp inspiring imagery. It aims to inspire every aspect of living a better daily life with topics ranging from travel to beauty to decor and business topics.

You should visit the Apartment 34 for a daily dose of attainable design inspiration to elevate your life every day.

Design Sponge

If you are searching for an interior design blog with captivating before and afters and DIY décor ideas, Design Sponge is loaded with interesting content that can guide you in making the best choices affordably.

Founded by award-winning writer Grace Bonney in 2004, Design Sponge was coined the “Martha Stewart for Millennials” by The New York Times thanks to the platforms intimate approach on covering people’s homes and lifestyles so each feature has a personal bent. Plus the blog also covers life and business topics and boasts an entertaining Podcast that’s worth a listen.

Young House Love

This is a great option for those searching for amazing DIY interior design blogs and home decorating tutorials. Search no further because Young House Love has more than enough exciting topics on various interior design ideas to enable you to create the kind of home you envisioned without the hefty price tags.

In fact, the platform boasts coverage of over 3000+ DIY home updates and projects, a curated shopping selection, and it’s own Podcast as well.

Design Milk

One of our favorite go-to platforms with a razor-sharp focus on all things design and décor, the blog posts on Design Milk also feature tons of intriguing DIY design projects that anyone can master with confidence.

It is also a great place to fashion tips and even boasts a job board section that helps links creatives with potential projects. In fact, if we could only suggest one interior design blog to consider visiting, Design Sponge would be our #1.

Material Girls

A visit to this decor blog will give you access to scores of informative design ideas and tips from top-rated interior designers from around the world. Topics covered include the latest design trends and fashion tips and unexpected takes on interior design that are full of striking personality.

The Design Sheppard

The aim of the owner of The Design Sheppard is to gather the various ideas on design projects, inspirational ideas, products, and other resources the author stumbled upon while researching personal projects all in one space.

Based in the UK, there’s no doubt that The Design Sheppard is an excellent source of information for anyone looking for the latest decor trends. And it’s also a great resource for learning about the details that bring a home together rather than just the aesthetic outcome of a project. Think news on the best new appliances, along with other less talked about topics like heating and flooring.

Meade Design Group

Straight from the minds of the award-winning interior design firm Meade Design Group, the contributors behind this design blog made an excellent compilation of design ideas and trends not only for their clients but also for any novice looking to soak up savvy decorative ideas.

Consider it another go-to design blog if you’re on the hunt for personalized or custom design ideas that match your needs and budget. And there’s also a terrific range of interviews with some of the best interior designers in the world that are worth giving a gander.


Launched in 2005, Trendoffice is a more visually heavy resource compared to other interior design blogs 2019 since it highlights project images more than a look at the story behind the process.

Trendoffice focuses on the office and home and has tons of unique ideas for office furnishing and decor. You’ll be sure to also find some of these ideas useful in your own home and just about anywhere else since they are practical to boot.


DesignShell is one of the more popular design blogs to follow if you’re looking for the latest tricks and tips relating to home decor and daily maintenance. The interior design topics covered cover the entire home including bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room and overall decor ideas.

The info and ideas covered make Designshell a great resource that you should check out, especially if you are looking for interior design ideas on a budget that you can manage on your own with authority.


Designspotter is a force to reckon with in the world of creative and easy to manage interior design ideas. It’s long been considered one of the best high-end interior design blogs you should check out for daily design news and inspiration.

This design blog has been celebrated by several media publications including lifestyle magazines, newspapers, and several other interior design blogs. Its focus is on modern contemporary design that’ll never go out of style thanks to a timeless spirit and elegant takes on elevating a room or home.

Bodie and Fou

Another one of the UK’s best interior design blogs, Bodie and Fou was created by Karine Candice to better the everyday lives of her readers with inspiring design updates.

Lucky for you, she has a passion for writing about interesting interior design ideas, and her interest in interior décor prompted her to start writing useful tips on DIY design ideas on her blog. We bet that you’ll find her informative interior design blog as a great source of endless inspiration.

Better Living Through Design

If you are searching for the best interior design products online, Better Living Through Design is a great resource for finding what’s best of the new. It’s considered by many as one of the best interior design blogs 2019 and for good reason.

By tuning into their interior design blog posts, you will get a daily dose of inspirational decor ideas to wow your senses and get you motivated to finally turn to those projects you’ve been procrastinating.


Shelterrific has several blog features that will be sure to introduce you to the best products and resources you need to build a new home from scratch. You will find excellent tips that will enable you to organize, plan, and decorate your home to suit your tastes — making it a great website to follow for daily takes on clever interior design practices.

Savvy Home

Savvy Home is another great find from our list of the best interior design blogs that you should be frequently visiting. Their blog posts feature unique travel tips as well as design features that are internationally loved and used by interior designers the world over.

You can also shop for curated finds directly from their shopping section.

Living with White

If you are searching for unique design ideas and you love the look and feel of all-white tonal rooms, this is one of the best interior design blogs to follow.

It features exciting design ideas that focus mainly on white and other soothing and serene neutrals that are also timeless.


The writers behind Cococozy blog about everything relating to home decor and what it takes to bring everything together. Their design blog has become so popular that it was even featured in Forbes Magazine and their platform remains one of the best interior design blogs to follow.

Now that you know where to go for trending inspiration ideas on interior design and decor, why don’t you start now by exploring them? Feed your passion and get some creative ideas rolling.

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