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A Dark, Drab Co-op Transformed Into an Airy Urban Retreat

New York, NY

The clients for this particular interior design project came to us with a Manhattan home design request that might sound impossible—to transform an under-lit, cramped NYC co-op apartment into a spacious, airy urban retreat—on a budget, no less! Always up to the task, our interior designers were able to meet the client’s desire for affordable interior design on a budget, and then some. Employing a color palette of subtle grays and metallics to inform the modern interiors, our team set out to minimize visual distraction while maximizing space and light.

“We had to get very creative with sourcing, especially because they wanted a bathroom remodel, kitchen renovation and to add a second bedroom on a shoe string budget,” Master interior designer, Alex, notes. Furnishings, fixtures, and hardware, all versatile enough to be incorporated into an upscale urban interior, were expertly sourced from flash sales, discount stores, and mass-market retailers. Inexpensive home decor ideas, like faceted subway tile and faux-marble were implemented within the kitchen and bathroom decor to impart texture and visual interest. Although the budget was tight, we were able to work closely with our clients to ensure that their vision—a comfortable, sophisticated home within the city—came to fruition. The end result is a space that looks roomy, open, and bright; the perfect place for relaxation and entertaining.

This project was featured in New York Magazine.

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