Inspiring Kitchen Islands Designs

Of all the spaces in your home, the kitchen island may be the most versatile. It can function as the setting for appetizers, cocktails, conversation, in addition to creating another counter space while cooking. So don’t let such a hardworking space go unadorned. If you’re looking for a bit of help in creating the kitchen island of your dreams, then follow our guide for a bit of design inspiration.

Double Duty

If you love to entertain, then you may already understand the frustration that comes with trying to chat with guests while also preparing a full meal for them. As a multi-purpose space in the home, your kitchen island is a great place to separate you from your guests. Pull up a set of matching stools or chairs, so that you can park your guests far enough away from any food preparation that’s taking place. Check out the kitchen island that we installed in this South Orange, New Jersey kitchen, which creates the perfect space for entertaining. 

Low-Back Counter Stools

One of the advantages of a kitchen island, as opposed to a sectioned-off space, is that an island allows you to look out on to the rest of your home. If you’re looking to add some counter stools to your kitchen island, then consider going for a low-back option, to maintain the sight lines in your home. And if you’re looking for some help with counter stools, check out these 10 options that our designers love.


With this year’s emphasis on designing with natural elements, we’re going to continue sourcing marble and wood materials for any number of areas in the home. And that certainly includes the kitchen. If you’re looking for a way to add a bit of marble into your kitchen, then consider adorning your kitchen island with a slab of white marble, like we did in this San Francisco luxury condo.

High-Contrast Island

When going for a neutral color scheme, it’s key to remember the importance of creating a high-contrast palette. And the kitchen island is one more place where you can create a stark contrast. We love the look of a black-and-white kitchen, and if you’re opposed to installing black cabinets, then consider adding in a black kitchen island, like we did in this modern Montauk retreat.

All-White Kitchen Island

All-white spaces often feel dull, and can often times be difficult to clean. But if your kitchen already has a lot of high-contrast elements, then consider going for an all-white kitchen island. This Westchester family home has beautiful wood floors, and so we installed an island adorned with white cabinets, and topped off with white countertops.

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