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Window Treatment Ideas 2021 | The Definitive Design Guide

When it comes to punctuating finishing touches, window treatments can make or break a room and can be a considerable investment to last for years. To help you select the best types of window treatments for any room, our decorators compiled a guide highlighting the top 28 types of window treatment ideas to help you design the room of your dreams while ensuring that the function and style of your choice are best for you.

From modern window treatments to window treatments that are a little more traditional, discover endless ideas to inspire you.


contrasting curtains idea

For a modern take on window treatments, contrasting color-blocked curtains work to create a distinctive, warm look, and go well paired with just about any design style, from traditional to the transitional.

Look for contrasting drapes that boast a strong color juxtaposed with a warm neutral for a stylishly layered look with ease. And as contrasting window treatments lend a modern spirit to any room, pair them with minimal fittings for a clean and polished look, and go for colors you know you won’t tire of quickly.


window decal stained glass

A stunning alternative to traditional window treatments, there’s plenty of innovative window decals that will help conceal your interior while making a beautiful statement. Just look at how much more expensive and unique the stained-glass looking window decals make the simple windows featured above look. Plus, they’re much less expansive than regular drapes and are easy to install.

Look for something similarly unusual or unexpected and you’ll be certain that no one around has similar window treatments like yours.


austrian shades curtain

If you’re looking to add instant elegance and drama in any room, consider Austrian shades a decadent option thanks to their romantic ruching and delicate layers. They make for grand window treatments while evoking old-world charm and allure.

Plus, they’re a great regal addition to even the most minimal of spaces while adding texture and visual play. Punctuate a room with Austrian shades and you’ll quickly up its well-judged feel while making it feel all the more luxurious.


batik curtains eclectic

For an unexpected take on window treatments, opt for a bold and vividly printed batik or space-dyed fabric for a truly expressive note in any room, from eclectic to modern. These also work well in clean minimal spaces as they work to lend it much needed character and play.


floor to ceiling windows with curtains

Another route to instant drama and heightened everyday glamor, floor-to-ceiling windows will work to make a room appear grander, more expansive, and expensive. And their timeless appeal makes them window treatments well worth the investment and they work especially well at making even the smallest of corners appear larger.


custom curtains for sliding door

If you can’t find the picture-perfect curtains for your room off the shelf, consider investing in custom window treatments that will be exclusive to your home. The perfect color, style, and pattern are just an order away and are certain to become a much needed finishing touch in any room in your home. The great thing about custom window treatments is that they will fit your dimensions perfectly.

And when looking for window treatments for sliding glass doors, custom styles are often the best as you need coverings that will be installed to stay secured for the long run.


black window frames with curtains

White window frames are traditional, but if you want to go for a more dramatic feel and something a little out of the ordinary, then how about black window frames for modern window treatment ideas? Frame them with light colored curtains to balance the dark, dramatic shade of your window frame.

Black frames also help to make printed, patterned, and bold colored window treatments pop while adding balance thanks to their dark, handsome hue.


country check curtains

There is something comforting and warm about a country check and there’s no exception when it comes to window treatment ideas. They look great in a neutral and natural room, adding to the cozy charm with a playful check. You can choose muted shades or something a little bolder, depending on your tastes.

Our interior designers were quick to point out that that the room featured above smartly displays plaid panels only halfway up for a needed visual break and a glimpse of the outdoors.


panel track blinds

These are great for covering expansive window areas and are the perfect window treatments for sliding glass doors. Choose a light color to allow some light to pass through and opt for alternating colored panels for something a little different. If you choose multiple colors, they boast an added bonus of looking great when they are drawn back.

And in black, they lend a room a studied elegance and cool allure that’s hard not to admire.


blue sheer shades

Sheer shades are the perfect window treatments if you want to control the natural light streaming in through your windows, but don’t want to block it out completely. These are particularly good for a workspace where you rely on natural light to work by. Choose a color to complement the rest of your room, whether that’s a neutral shade or something a little more colorful.

And if you’re looking for classic window treatments that are well worth the investment, you can never go wrong with sheer ivory drapes, even better when floor-to-ceiling.


white roman shades

To keep your room feeling light and bright, choose all white window treatments. Whether that’s white curtains or white blinds, an all-white window is perfect for keeping your room feeling light and airy. Breezy white curtains flowing down beside windows look stunning, so do white Roman blinds if you want to keep the look classic and simple.

White window treatment ideas also help to make a room appear cleaner, brighter, and larger.


Hanging art in front of your windows certainly isn’t an expected way of blocking out the light. This is a fun and unusual way to display your art while creating a screen for your window. This is a great way of making space to display your art if you have more window space than wall space. It’s certainly not something you see every day and it takes modern window treatment ideas to the next level.


white shutters

Shutters are practical, stylish, and classic window treatments which add a graphic feature to your home. They allow natural light to filter through while blocking out enough of the midday sun to keep your home cool in during hot days. You can fix them to the outside of your home, or, for more of a statement, you can install them inside your home; making modern window treatments out of a traditional idea.

When it comes to modern window treatments, you can never go wrong with a well-made set of white shutters as they’ll never go out of style and can last a lifetime.


roman blinds floral

Roman blinds in a cheerful floral fabric will add a splash of color to a farmhouse kitchen. A bright, sunny yellow complements the traditional cream hues and wood that you see in a farmhouse design. They add a fun and vibrant feel to what is an inherently practical space.

They also make for savvy window treatment ideas as they can lend even the simplest of rooms extra life, needed warmth, and femininity.


dark wood shutters

Dark wood shutters are perfect if you are looking for traditional window treatment ideas. They look great in a neutral, or all-white room and lend a vintage feel to your space. Shutters will often need to be made to measure, making them potentially costly custom window treatments, but the time, effort, and expense will be well worth it.


Instead of taking the standard approach to window treatments and hanging your curtains from a rod, hang them from a crown to add a luxurious feel to your bedroom. Fasten hooks at the upper outside corners of your windows and loop fabric over them, so it drapes in an all too luxurious manner. You’ll need long swathes of fabric to achieve this look.



If temperature is an issue for you in your room, then cellular shades might just be the answer. The design of these window treatments gives them insulating properties; helping keep the heat out
when it’s hot and the warmth in when it’s cold. The cells trap air, helping to keep your room at an ambient temperature –  something only innovative modern window treatments can do, so shop wisely.

And when it comes to window treatment ideas that take little visual space, cellular shades are your best options. As even for window treatments for sliding glass doors, their slim profile and beneficial design leave little impact while getting the job done stylishly.


Not something you see every day; swing arm curtains are certainly a different approach for a unique statement. They are such a fun idea and will certainly be the talking point of your room. These are a great idea if you have a row of small windows that floor-to-ceiling curtains won’t work for, or if you find floor-to-ceiling curtains too imposing for your room.

When considering modern window treatments, swing arms come in an array of on-trend finishes and silhouettes to keep your room’s look unique and contemporary.


blinds and curtains living room

There is something ultra-luxurious and decadent about having rows of multiple curtains and blinds combined as layered window treatments – one doesn’t have to be enough. Contrasting or complementing curtains and blinds add a luxe and well-judged feel to a room and make for a dramatic impact. This is a great idea for bedrooms in particular; choose sumptuously patterned material for your curtains and team them with minimal blinds in a bold color.

The best part about doubling up on store-bought treatments is that they give off the look of costly custom window treatments instantly and are simply great to look at when installed well.


soft blue curtains

Soft blue window treatments can be styled up or down for the right level of impact in your room. They look great against a white background for a soft and subtle addition. If you are looking for a more glamorous note, team light blue curtains trimmed with a gold rod, gold tie backs, and gold accessories.


window panel screen

If curtains and blinds aren’t for you, panel screens are a great alternative without skimping on style. Choose intricately designed panels backed with a translucent material to screen the window, while still allowing light to shine through.

Panel screens are also great window treatments for sliding glass doors as they boast a slim profile and a thoroughly modern look.


bamboo blinds

Bamboo roll-up blinds add a relaxed element to your room and look great in a beach house or a nautical themed room. They block out plenty of light, but without being heavy or imposing in your space. They are neutral and natural and will be great if you have a penchant for organic materials.


silk shades window treatment

Silk shades will add an element of understated luxury to any room. Window treatments like this have a luminous quality; letting through just enough natural light. Silk can be expensive, but it’s worth it for the perfect set of blinds for your room. Choose silk shades in a stunning pattern to make a grand statement in your home.

Silk shades can also give off the feel of custom window treatments when you opt for minimal pattern and print and go for a more classic, clean-lined statement.


Shade valances help conceal unsightly blind mechanisms. If you hate being able to see the mechanisms of your blinds, shade valances are an essential route. Choose a contrasting color or material to make a statement or match the blinds and valance material for more discreet window treatments.


printed drapes idea

If you have a pattern of design you love, then why not get it printed onto fabric to make personalized drapes? Modern technology means you can get your design printed onto
fabric easily, enabling you to get drapes designed just for you, by you.


Even when combined with modern furnishings, there’s something to be said about the timeless quality and investment-worthy appeal of traditional drapes that are certain to never go out of style or look out of place.

If you’re on the hunt for a traditional feel, our interior designers suggest going for custom window treatments as they’re worth the investment and you’ll be able to work with a trained drapery specialist who can deliver the best style for you with authority.


curtains as room division

Now that we’ve covered a slew of window treatments, ideas, and alternatives, there’s something to be said about the throwback power of using curtains to create intimate areas in large areas while adding a stylish feature for an elegant, impressive statement.

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