Décor Aid: FAQ


    • What is Décor Aid?

      Décor Aid is a full-service interior design firm that uses proprietary technology and top-tier designers to make high-end design effortless, efficient and accessible to all. Whether you are looking to furnish your first apartment or need assistance with a full gut renovation of your house, we can transform your space into your dream home. We offer in-person interior design services in Greater New York (including the Hamptons), San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, London, and Toronto.

      Why should I use Décor Aid?

      Our team brings an unparalleled level of expertise. By working with Décor Aid, you will have access to not only our top-tier interior designers but also to our team of skilled project managers, helpful customer service representatives, and vetted contractors. We use a transparent, upfront fee structure so that from the start, you will know the cost of your entire project with no hidden fees. Our purchasing department has negotiated great deals on furniture, rugs, tiles, and more from hundreds of vendors, and we pass those incredible decor savings onto you!

      How is Décor Aid different from traditional interior design firms?

      Traditional interior design firms up-charge any decor they purchase on your behalf, so designers are incentivized to encourage you to buy more than you need. At Décor Aid, we cut all the hidden fees and markups. With our fixed-hour, the transparent structure you know the price of your project, and in many cases, the savings we can offer on furniture exceed our designs fees.

      What kind of spaces can Décor Aid design?

      We have worked on over 1,500 projects in New York City alone. Everything from tiny studio apartments to luxury condos, startups to corporate offices, and boutique hotels to the big names in hospitality. No matter the scale or size of your home, we can redesign any space and ensure that your project, big or small, will be redesigned with your satisfaction in mind.  

      How can I get started?

      Get your next design project underway by scheduling a free on-site consultation with one of our designers and introducing yourself, and your design needs. One of our project coordinators will reach out to discuss your project and recommend the best designer for your unique project

      What happens on the complimentary consultation?

      During the complimentary consultation, the designer will pay a visit to your home and get to know you and your space, and help define your decor needs and style. After the first meeting, we will put together a detailed proposal that outlines the hours for your project and the design fees involved. Read more about how this works.

      How long is the complimentary consultation and what is the cost?

      As it is a complimentary consultation, it is free! We offer this on-site meeting so you can meet your designer and we can get all the necessary information to create a customized proposal for you. This consultation will last an hour at the most, depending on the size of your project.

      Does my complimentary consultation need to be during regular business hours?

      Since we work with designers on a freelance basis, we have designers who are available to meet during the day as well as evenings and weekends. Let us know of your scheduling concerns, and we will match you with someone who can meet them.


    • Where do you find your designers?

      We work on a freelance basis with both independently-employed designers and experienced designers working at top firms. Our CEO has hand-picked our design team from the best colleges, celebrity design firms, and acclaimed architecture firms.

      Why can’t I choose my designer?

      Our designers are versed in an array of styles and have the experience to tackle any design problem. Let us know if there is a specific issue you’re looking for help with and we’ll match you with someone with the right experience.

      What if I want to change designers?

      If you feel that you do not see eye-to-eye with your designer, do not hesitate and reach out to your project’s devoted project manager and they are happy to help find a solution.


    • How much does it cost?

      All of our interior designers are available at $200/hour. After your complimentary consultation, we will send you an itemized proposal that defines the number of hours your project will take, and we honor that amount throughout the entire process. You can discuss your price range with your designer, and they will look for items within your agreed budget.

      What kinds of discounts can I expect?

      You can expect to save quite a bit since we’ve negotiated huge discounts with hundreds of your favorite retailers and trade-only vendors. Since we do not put a markup on furniture and pass along our price cut, we maximize your projects saving potential and can stay within your allotted budget.


    • Can you purchase items for me?

      Yes, our procurement department manages all orders to save you time, hassle and money, while always looking out for great deals you can utilize. We pass all our designer discounts, which are up to 50% off retail, and these cost savings often exceed our design fees.

      Can I access furniture that is only sold to interior designers?

      Yes, you can access vendors who exclusively sell to designers. Our procurement department has trade-only accounts to various fabric, furniture, lighting, and décor companies. Through our services, you gain access to those vendors and can purchase from them using our exclusive design discounts.

    • Contractors

    • Can you help me find a contractor?

      Working with Décor Aid grants, you access to our little black book of industry professionals. We’ve vetted the best contractors, architects, artisans, and workrooms to secure quality, affordable service for every job, taking on this responsibility, so you have one less thing to worry over during the duration of about for your project.


      Did we miss anything? Feel free to email us at info@decoraid.com, and one of our team members will reach out to assist you.

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