• What is Décor Aid?

      Décor Aid is a full-service interior design firm that uses proprietary technology and top-tier designers to make high-end design easy, efficient and accessible to all. Whether you need assistance re-arranging your furniture or are looking for an entire gut renovation, we partner with you on any project, no matter the size or budget. We offer In-Person interior design services in Greater New York, London, San Francisco, Miami, Washington, Philadelphia and Chicago. If you are not in one of those cities, you can still access our award-winning New York design team from anywhere in the country through our Online Design Program.

    • Why should I use Décor Aid?

      Our team brings an unparalleled level of expertise. By working with Decor Aid, you gain full access to our team of senior interior designers, all of whom are selected from the nation’s premiere interior design firms. We also use a transparent, upfront fee structure. We pass our trade discounts on to you, savings which often exceeds our design fees.

    • How is Décor Aid different from traditional design firms?

      Traditional design firms charge markups on all your purchases and are therefore incentivized to spend more. At Décor Aid, we cut all the hidden fees and markups. We use a transparent hourly model so the length and price of your project is set from the beginning. We take care of ordering using our trade-only discounts and pass the savings directly to you.

    • How does it work?

      Schedule a design consultation here. One of our experts will reach out to discuss your project and recommend the best designer for you. During your one-hour consultation, your designer will pay a visit to get to know you and your space, help define your needs and offer guidance on how to move forward. We put together a detailed proposal that outlines the hours for the project and sets your design fee. Read more about how it works here.

    • Can I use Décor Aid if I don’t live in one of your cities?

      Yes! You can access our award-winning NYC design team from anywhere in the Nation. We offer a online design service that is highly personalized and customized. You work directly with a Senior Designer (via video) and get access to all the NY design showrooms. Learn more about it here.

    • What kinds of spaces can Décor Aid design?

      We can redesign any type of space, no matter the size or scale. We’ve redesigned townhouses, decorated lofts, estate gut renovations, corporate and startup offices, hospitality and more.

    • How do I get started?

      Start by scheduling your initial consultation here or feel free to reach out to our customer representatives to answer any questions. (800) 887-9198

    • How long is the in-person initial consultation?

      The initial consultation is one hour.


    • Why can’t I choose my designer?

      All of our designers are versed in wide array of styles and have experience designing both commercial and residential projects. We send you the best match and make sure your designer builds the perfect space for you.

    • What if I want to change designers?

      If you feel that you’re not seeing eye-to-eye with your designer, please call our customer service team so we can help.

    • Where do you find your designers?

    • We work with freelance designers, from top schools and range of backgrounds

    • How much does it cost?

      You pay a flat hourly fee for your designer: $150 per hour. We estimate the amount of hours your project will take and honor that amount through the entire process. You set your budget and your designer will work within that budget to create a space you love.

    • What kinds of discounts can I expect?

      We’ve negotiated huge discounts with hundreds of your favorite retailers and trade-only vendors. In addition, we do not charge any markups or fees, so the savings are passed directly to you.


    • Can you purchase items for me?

      Absolutely. We’ve negotiated significant discounts with hundreds of your favorite retailers and trade-only vendors. We do not charge a markup on purchases, so ordering for you makes the most of your budget and maximizes savings.

    • Can I access furniture that is only sold to interior designers?

      Absolutely. Our interior designers have trade-only accounts to hundreds of fabric, furniture, lighting, and décor vendors. Through our services, you gain access to those vendors and can purchase from them using our special design discounts.

    • Contractors

    • What about contractors?

      Working with Décor Aid grants you access to our little black book of industry professionals. We’ve vetted the best local contractors, craftsmen and workrooms to secure quality, affordable service for every job.


    • How can I reach you?

      You may reach us by phone at (800) 887-9198, or via email at info@decoraid.com.

    • Can I gift the design service?

      Yes! Click here to gift a design consultation to a friend or family member.

HAVING PROBLEMS WITH YOUR DIY? Email us! Our senior designers are here to offer free advice.