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A Sparse Master Bedroom Gets a Deluxe Renovation

New York, NY

As a New York-based company, we are constantly faced with the challenge of designing for rental spaces. Between juggling landlord restrictions and the practicality of outfitting a temporary abode, it can seem impossible to turn your rental apartment into a true home.

This was the exact conundrum that our clients, an Upper East Side couple, ran into when they decided to redesign their master bedroom. As long-term renters, they wanted the space to feel like a home, while adhering to their landlord’s rental policies, which prohibited them from painting the walls, or making any permanent alterations.

With an asymmetrical master bedroom, our clients had found it difficult to maximize their layout, and as a result, had left the space mostly unfurnished. During their complimentary consultation, we saw a stack of books on their bedside table, but noticed they had no place to read. And so we suggested a design layout that could incorporate a reading nook, where our clients could relax with a book.

To start, we sourced a tufted headboard from Room and Board, and placed the bed in the center of the room, instead of in the corner. This created a more symmetrical layout, and divided the room into two distinct areas: a space for reading, and a wardrobe area. To highlight the reading section, we sourced a chrome side table and nestled it between a duet of low-profile reading chairs.

In working within the confines of an asymmetrical room, we tried to source all of our objects in pairs. This included matching bedside tables, matching lamps, matching reading chairs, and matching art pieces. Our client wanted their space to stick with a neutral palette, without feeling boring or outdated. And so when picking fabrics, we selected a wide variety of grey, blue and purple tones, for a textured neutral palette. The final result is a comfortable, and functional master bedroom that is primed for relaxing in this Upper East Side apartment.

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