dark blue boho bedroom interior

Bedroom Paint Colors – The 12 Best Paint Colors To Try

It should come as no surprise that relaxation is key to the perfect bedroom design. To truly relax in your bedroom, our decorators suggest creating an oasis featuring the perfect bedroom colors to help you wind down at the end of a long day. For inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of savvy bedroom color ideas to help […]

orange bedding idea

Bedding Ideas 2021 To Create A Relaxing Oasis At Home With

So you’ve spent the time creating a luxurious feel from room to room throughout your home, but what about where it really counts, like in your bedroom? Sure, it’s often one of the least seen areas in any home when it comes to guests taking it in. But luxe bedding ideas can actually make a […]

bathroom traditional floral wallpaper

Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas That Are Certain To Inspire

A bathroom is generally a pretty moist environment and bathroom wallpaper ideas understandably might not be your first cue when you are thinking about renovating or refreshing your bathroom. But as bathrooms are traditionally tiled to protect against water stains and dampness in a bathroom to it easier to clean, there’s no reason you can’t […]

scallop tiles bathroom

Bathroom Tile Ideas: 17 Inspiring Design Ideas For Your Home

Have you been thinking about renovating your bathroom but are struggling to decide on bathroom tiles? Are you looking for inspiration? Believe us, we know it can be hard to make up your mind as to which direction to go. Fortunately, we turned to Décor Aid interior designers to come up with 17 bathroom tile ideas to […]

bathroom classic style

Bathroom Paint Colors | Every Shade You Should Consider

When it comes to considering the best bathroom paint colors for your home, its probably one of the hardest paint choices you’ll have to make. The bathroom is a room which isn’t often considered as a room where interior design is paramount. It’s a room that you are in and out of, spending as little […]

bathroom interior design

Bathroom Renovation: 7 Signs You Need An Upgrade

Do you constantly find yourself unsatisfied with your bathroom, leaving endlessly whining about what irks you? Have you been dreaming about an all-out rejuvenating bathroom renovation? If you’ve been thinking about a bathroom renovation big or small, you’re likely to have questions and concerns about how to keep your remodel functional, affordable and easy on […]

cozy living room design

Best Interior Decoration Ideas To Upgrade Your Home

When considering smart interior decoration ideas, as the interior design experts at Décor Aid stressed in a recent meeting, there are plenty of small things that you can do to cheer up the look of your old, tired space without the help of an interior decorator. These easy to manage interior decoration upgrades shouldn’t take […]

How To Design Around A Statement Sofa

There are so many reasons why buying a sofa in a neutral tone is a wise choice. They’re easy to design around and you probably won’t regret your purchase a week later. Statement sofas? They’re the opposite. However, there’s a certain thrill you get from a bold, patterned, or brightly-colored sofa that you can’t get […]

monochromatic living room design

Monochromatic Room Design Tips For Your Home

Because there’s something calming and pulled together about a monochromatic room, we’re considering its merits and the best ways to make it viable in your home – as a monochromatic interior, with a clever approach, can make a room come alive. But creating the perfect monochrome room can be difficult; it can be challenging to know […]

modern yellow and gray living room

9 Amazing Living Room Paint Ideas For An Affordable Makeover

If you’re looking to elevate your living room with a fresh coat of paint and you’re looking for interior design ideas, then you’ve come to the right place – as we’ve got 9 great living room paint ideas for you. A fresh coat of paint will give your living room a new lease of life, and we […]

bedroom with wooden beams vaulted ceiling

Vaulted Ceiling Ideas For Updated + Elegant Striking Drama

If you’re on the hunt to add truly inspiring drama and a sense of unforgettable magic in your home, vaulted ceilings certainly aren’t the usual when it comes to ceiling design ideas. To help you better understand them for your home, we thought we’d take you through exactly what a vaulted ceiling is, what style […]

large window in home library

Home Library Design Ideas

If you are an avid reader who finds joy in reading while being surrounded by books you’ve taken pride in collecting, have you ever thought of creating your own dedicated personal home library? Why not surround yourself with the comfort of knowing that those books that you find value in, are neatly organized and displayed […]

midcentury style office space

How To Design A Cool Startup Office

While the perks—free snacks, nap rooms, dry-cleaning—at startups are legendary, often the office interior design is equally impressive. As companies break down the traditional ways of doing business, they’re opting for spaces with the same free-thinking attitude. So as you focus on ways to make your business a success, don’t forget about the importance of […]

taupe color interior

Taupe Color Ideas To Inspire Every Room In Your Home

Here’s How To Decorate With A Taupe Color Palette When looking for alternatives to standard white color schemes that are less clinical and cold yet neutral enough to pair well with just about any design style, nothing beats a warm and inviting take on taupe color ideas. But how can you define a soothing yet […]

eco friendly wooden cabinets

Clever And Stylish Tips For Sustainable Interior Design

How To Decorate Your House With Sustainable Interior Design As we become more aware of the impact our daily lives have on the environment, our interior designers are always on the hunt for the best in eco-friendly, sustainable interior design techniques to maximize our clients home efficiency, and to help reduce their impact by keeping […]

beige x rug interior

Bad Interior Design Trends You Should Let Go Of

Why You Should Ditch These Tired Interior Design Trends When it comes interior design trends, like anything, there’s always the good, the bad, and the ugly to consider when trying your hand at keeping up with the times and boy, there’s a lot of unfathomable ones out there. To keep you up to date and […]

mint green living room

Mint Green Living Room Ideas For A Quick Room Refresh

Are you thinking about going for a warmer color than a sobering neutral for your living room? Do you love the refreshing feel of a brighter yet delightfully subtle mint green? After all, it’s fresher, lighter, and brighter, and it’s better than white or off-white when it comes to hiding stains and everyday wear and […]

small kitchen rug

Kitchen Rug Ideas | Here’s How To Find The Right One

Your kitchen is more than likely one of those spots that require two trains of thought when decorating; practical durability, and an attractive addition to your home – and neither one should go overlooked. After all, your kitchen is one of the most commonly used and seen rooms in your home. But how do you […]

teen bedroom

20 Inspiring Teen Bedroom Ideas & Decor Solutions

Since we know it’s not easy for most parents to find the ideal teen bedroom ideas to make all parties happy, to get you started on creating the perfect, inspiring bedroom for your young adults, we’re considering decorator cues to bring a sense of life and style into their daily lives. The best way to get started […]

pierre paulin chair

Investment Furniture – The Best Pieces That Hold Value

As difficult as it may be to seek out the best investment furniture for your home, there’s plenty of reason to proceed with caution and careful consideration. Furnishing your apartment or home, or refurbishing it for that matter can be challenging as you fight the urge to rush to fill the space with practical and […]

bamboo blinds

Window Treatment Ideas 2021 | The Definitive Design Guide

When it comes to punctuating finishing touches, window treatments can make or break a room and can be a considerable investment to last for years. To help you select the best types of window treatments for any room, our decorators compiled a guide highlighting the top 28 types of window treatment ideas to help you design the […]

golden frame mirror decor

10+ Clever Budget Friendly Interior Decorating Ideas To Try

Have you been feeling a bit bored and uninspired as you walk throughout your home, longing for a refresh? As we approach the holiday weekend and you begin to plan spring upgrades throughout your home for the summer, we tasked Décor Aid designers to come up with easy to manage, budget friendly interior decorating ideas […]

Art Gallery Wall Decor Tips And What To Avoid

As common as they are, we bet you’ve come across some good, bad, and simply ugly gallery walls as it’s easy to get carried away and over-do a room with the wrong placements and a tad too much symmetry. To help you warm up a room with personality and tie everything together, we turned to Décor […]

Chicago Interior Designers and Decorators: Best 15

As an interior design company servicing both commercial and residential design projects throughout the Chicago area, we’re constantly on the hunt for the city’s best interior design talents while looking at Chicago’s casually sophisticated style for inspiration.  And in a town as varied and vibrant as the Windy City, we’ve gathered our go-to local decorators […]

best 2021 sofa interior design

25 Latest Sofa Designs & Trends

Well-designed couches and sofas should bring you comfort, joy, and satisfyingly beautiful design while upgrading any room with a substantial new focal point that will set the tone for your design direction. But how do you go about selecting the right couches for your home as this is one investment not worth taking a risk […]

boho home decor ideas

Interior Design Basics: How To Decorate A Home

Because sometimes you don’t know where to start when decorating your home, we’re here to help you understand interior design basics. If you aren’t design minded, mastering the principles of interior design can be tricky and we want to make it easier to learn interior design basics. Take in these tips and tricks from our decorators to […]

dark wall interior design

The Surprising Dark Accent Walls Trend To Try

As we’ve noticed a steep increase in our interior designers suggesting dark accent walls from project to project, we’ve considered the best routes to go bold when looking for quick room pick me up’s to give a go in your home. From bland rooms devoid of architectural features to figuring out exactly where to indulge […]

luxurious interior design

8 Luxurious Living Room Interior Design Ideas For Inspiration

Because there’s something to be said about a well-judged, well-appointed, elevated living room or common room, we’re looking at easy to manage practices to boost one of the most often used rooms in your home. That said, luxurious living room interior design isn’t always about investing in the most expensive things. It’s definitely possible to […]

rustic interior design styles

Rustic Decor: What It Means And How To Get The Look

Rustic decor provides the perfect combination of comforting, fuss-free design and practical, functional decor, put together to create a warm rustic interior. Natural materials work as the foundation and starting point for creating enviable rustic home decor celebrating the authentic beauty of natural materials to create a cozy, beautiful space. Think open fires, oak beams, and […]

modern studio apartment

10 Ways To get The Most From Studio Apartment Floor Plans

One of the challenges people often face when it comes to realizing studio apartment floor plans is the limited space. Arranging furniture is hard enough, yet imagine all of your things jammed into one single space. But just because your space is limited, does not mean that your design possibilities should be. If you live […]

Cape Cod Home Ideas That Are Certain To Inspire

Looking For Cape Cod Home Inspiration? Here’s A Handy Set Of Cues A Cape Cod house style and its coastal cues make it probably one of the most interesting and unique architectural designs to be born in America. Before a long history of modern design updates, Cape Cod designed homes were left over by the British colonists […]

decorating your home on a budget

Beginners Guide to Interior Design and Decorating on a Budget

Designing your space can be incredibly exciting, but also intimidating, daunting, and challengingly complex. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and discouraged when the vision in your head doesn’t seem to be materializing. That’s why it’s important to have a clear idea of what you want and a plan of action for making your vision a […]

meditation room

10 Great Ideas + Furnishings To Create A Spirited Meditation Room

Imagine having a personal oasis in your own home that allows you to check out and surround yourself with comforting mindfulness to elevate your emotional well-being while allowing you to escape the daily stresses of life? But how does a novice come up with mindful meditation room ideas? To help you create a distinctive space that lets […]

modern urban interior design

Urban Modern Interior Design Defined: Everything To Know

Perfect for sophisticated city dwellers, urban modern design style is the ultimate for cosmopolitan living – with nods to contemporary, modern and industrial influences, this elevated design style stands on its own. Always on trend thanks to its enviable emphasis on comfort and takes on glamorous city life – it also makes for a savvy route to […]

Modern Country

Modern Country Interior Design Defined: Get The Look

Modern country style of interior design is an idyllic classic. Stepping away from a purely traditional country design style; modern country allows for more playful and nuanced aspects along with minimal notes. And since there’s a series of elements that articulate the perfect country-style space, we’ll break down the look of modern country decorating along with some […]

traditional interior design

Traditional Interior Design Defined And How To Master It

One of the most popular and enduring yet frequently dismissed design styles of them all, traditional interior design is an effective way to kit out a home with brilliant style while paying homage and celebrating highlights of past eras and design movements. To help inspire you in bringing traditional design into your home, we surveyed Décor […]

transitional interior design

Transitional Style Interior Design Defined

If you’re a novice looking to upgrade your homes interior design but don’t know where to start, or which design style is right for you, we’ve created a series of guides breaking down each style and what it takes to get it right. When looking to create a diverse, studied mix of era’s and elements in your home, […]

Top 15 NYC Interior Designers | Best Interior Designer & Decorator NYC

As an interior design company based in New York City, we’re constantly finding ourselves inspired by the city’s restless energy, chic inhabitants and lively design scene. And while it’s no secret that our city is home to the best interior designers money can hire, how do you go about finding the right interior decorators for your specific […]

modern cream color paint ideas

Cream Color Paint Ideas For Every Room In Your Home

When thinking about redefining a room, there’s no denying the major impact neutrals can have when looking for viable and timeless alternatives to other wise standard cold and clinical white options. In fact, cream color paint can add more depth to a space than white, while still pairing well with just about every other color […]

bedroom art deco interior

Art Deco Interior Design Defined And How To Get The Look

If your taste veers towards the ornate and jewel-like, this 1920’s design style throwback might just be your best option. Art deco interior design instantly evokes opulence; elegant, glamorous and sleek, this style was popularized as the epitome of chic in the 1920’s. The bold and sweeping statements of geometry, symmetry, and metallics bring visions of Great […]

concrete kitchen floor design

Kitchen Flooring Ideas | The Top 12 Trends of The Year

Are you on the hunt for inspiring new kitchen flooring to elevate one of your most commonly used rooms? To get you on track with the best kitchen flooring options, we turned to our renovation experts for their takes on the top kitchen flooring ideas of 2019. Sustainability, warm tones, and natural materials are sure to make […]

bright minimalist living room design

Minimalist Interior Design Defined And How To Make It Work

After making its mark on the design scene and understandably never fading as a major design style moment in the early 90’s, minimalist interior design is often a foolproof route in creating a warm and nuanced home that’s worth the investment and certain to never go out of style or off-trend thanks to practical, well-judged […]

modern living room design

Contemporary Vs Modern Interior Design: Everything To Know

If you’re finding yourself at a loss when considering the differences between contemporary vs modern interior design, fear no more as we’re breaking down the differences between these two go-to interior design styles. And since this is a common question facing our designers, we’ve chose a selection of style highlights that are easy to understand and […]

office interior design

The Best Interior Paint For Office | 10 Top Colors To Inspire

When it comes to office paint colors, sure, the sky may be the limit, but you might be surprised to find out just how vital it can be, and how important the color you introduce is when it comes to promoting productivity and everyday joy. Gone are the days of cold stark white minimalism in […]

Contemporary Style

Contemporary Design Style And The Essentials To Master It

Whether you’re looking for a simple room refresh or are starting from scratch, there’s something to be said about finding the best interior design style to suit your home, lifestyle, and tastes. To get you started in the right direction, we’ve set about to define what makes each standout and are considering the merits of contemporary style for […]

modern farmhouse kitchen interior

The Complete Guide To A Perfect Modern Farmhouse Interior

Here’s How To Add Casual Character With Modern Farmhouse Decor Country chic living’s come a long way since Eva Gabor landed on Green Acres from life in a glamorous city. In fact, we bet you’ve seen elements of modern farmhouse interior design popping up on inspiration feeds and in local restaurants and pubs as the movements blend […]

Layering Rugs – Smart Advice From Our Interior Designers

Everything You Need to Know About Layering Rugs Layering rugs has become a mainstay with modern approaches to decor, and we can see why. When done well, layering rugs can easily add color, texture, and definition to a room, and since nothing looks cozier than a beautiful rug on the floor – how about two? There’s no […]

eclectic interior antique modern furniture mix

Eclectic Interior Design Do’s And Don’ts

Do’s And Don’ts For Warm Minimalism And Eclectic Interior Design Because at this point we’ve almost all had enough with the masculinity and strict coldness of minimalism, our team of interior designers are finding themselves gravitating to the freedom of more eclectic interior design or at the least, warmer minimalism. To help you navigate often […]

eclectic interior design

Eclectic Style Defined And How To Get The Look

If you’re into rich, layered interior design highlighting a series of era’s and movements, eclectic style interior design might just be the right direction to consider for your home. But why eclectic style? Eclectic style is all about harmony and the coming together of disparate styles, juxtaposing textures, and contrasting colors to create a cohesive, […]

industrial apartment design

Inspiring Industrial Style Defined And How To Get The Look

With modern lifestyle trends referencing the joys of bucolic bliss, it comes as no surprise that we’ve noticed an uptick in industrial style client requests over the past few seasons – and for good reason. Industrial style decor marries sleek modernity and old world charm with an organic, lived in feel to create the perfect […]

Bohemian Style Interior Design

Bohemian Design Style: What It Means And How To Get The Look

At some point or another, we bet you’ve come across bohemian design; it’s a bright, patterned, multi-cultural melange of memorable layers and elements you simply can’t miss or forget for its uniqueness. The word ‘bohemian’ refers to someone who is socially unconventional and often involved in the arts, making it a great interior design option […]

interior design yellow armchair

Interior Design History And Origins Explained

With the profession of interior design clocking in at just over 100 years old, we’re looking at the roots of interior design history and the seven legendary decorators who made a name for themselves as the industry started gaining momentum in the early 1900’s. From the Ancient Egyptians to the dawn of modern interior design, here’s everything […]

Interior of modern hallway with mirror

15 Interior Design Tips For The Best First Impression

Creating inspiring interior design that makes a good first impression on guests is something that every homeowner wants as it’s a nice feeling to hear the oohs and aahs of your guests as they admire your home’s impressive interior design. To help you make a killer interior design impression, here are 13 ways you can impress guests with brilliant […]

Cozy, brown corner sofa with decorative cushions

Living Room Paint Colors – The 14 Best Paint Trends To Try

Change A Room In One Go: On Trend And Timeless Living Room Paint Colors Deciding on the best living room paint colors can be a challenge for most people. Especially since its the one room in your home that gets all eyes as it’s a social space where you bond with your loved ones and entertain […]

modern nordic kitchen in loft apartment

Smart Scandinavian Interior Design Hacks To Try

How To Create Stunning Scandinavian Interior Design The Scandinavian interior design is characterized by minimalism, simplicity, and functionality. Although the Scandinavian design has been around since the 1950s, it still remains a popular trend in interior design today. Belonging to the school of modernism, Scandinavian design is a design movement characterized by a focus on […]

Emerald room interior

10 Best Trending 2019 Interior Paint Colors To Inspire

At some point or another, we’ve all been there; how to choose the best paint colors, and how to use them to your advantage can be quite the riddle to solve. But as color expert Amy Wax says, ‘color is the backbone of design.’ And indeed it is as it can instantly transform any space.

Interior design of modern scandinavian apartment

20 Home Design Trends

With each new year come new interior design trends and fads to consider and even reconsider so you can update your home with confidence and ease. Last year we saw a rise in client requests for rose gold, subway tiles, and exposed lighting as these were some of the top home decor trends of 2018.

A Transitional Style Chicago Apartment For Newlyweds

When designing a space for two people, it can be difficult to reconcile competing styles. And like every other aspect of marriage, interior design is a compromise. Our clients, a recently married New West Side couple, had this exact problem. They had just expanded their Chicago apartment and were having trouble finding a cohesive style they […]

A Stately Redesign For A Gramercy Apartment

When a client purchased her Gramercy Park co-op, she knew that a design overhaul was in order. The previous owner had a truly outlandish getup: the original crown molding had been painted a fluorescent gold; a firetruck-red chandelier adorned the living room; the bathroom’s wood paneling was stained a high-gloss black; the kitchen was painted […]

A Tribeca Apartment Stylish Home Redesign

When our client purchased an investment property in Manhattan’s TriBeCa neighborhood, she immediately called Decor Aid to get the new space ready for a high-end renter. She sought out a stylish home redesign that incorporated neutral tones and colors, while staying under budget, and without sacrificing quality. The kitchen and bathroom had been recently renovated, and featured modern […]

A Modern Luxury Condo Interior Design In San Francisco

A high-end, secluded sanctuary was the objective for this modern unit at the Four Seasons Residences. This client, an established developer in the city, was hoping to complete the design of this home on his own. However he eventually determined that he needed Decor Aid’s expertise to execute the look that he was hoping to […]

Tour This Vintage-Filled Home That’s Full Of Modern Flair

After moving into a new home from a small apartment, this young family collaborated with us to outfit their home with vintage-filled treasures and modern furnishings alike for an eclectic, personality-filled sense of spirit. The challenge here was to bring an otherwise almost completely empty home to life as they had just recently found themselves […]

A Townhouse Home Staging In Hoboken, New Jersey

For those looking to sell their homes and don’t know how to decorate, expert staging by an affordable interior designer can make all the difference between a space that is “maybe” and “must-have!” The owners of this charming Hoboken townhouse knew this all too well, so instead of leaving the space as-is, they turned to […]

A TriBeCa Industrial Loft Designed For Entertaining

When a client finished remodeling her newly purchased TriBeCa loft, she reached out to Decor Aid, and asked for our help in furnishing the space that her family would call home. Upon arriving at the recently remodeled space, we knew that the loft’s two defining features—an open floor plan, and an abundance of natural light—would […]

An Old Soho Duplex Gets A Modern Industrial Design

Combining style and function can be a difficult endeavor when it comes to designing space-constrained New York apartments, and our client for this project tasked us with this exact challenge. A financier who works from home, he was seeking to convert a dark, outdated duplex into a space that would serve as a living area, […]

A Brooklyn Loft Brought To Life With Eclectic Interior Design

When the founder of an innovative beauty startup was short on lighting and decorating ideas for her young family’s Brooklyn loft, she turned to Décor Aid to articulate her eclectic vision and wanderlust sensibility for the ultimate remix featuring notes of modern, rustic, and Scandinavian design styles. Housed in a recently converted industrial building in […]

An Old Greenwich Home With Inspiring Interior Design

Nestled in Connecticut’s historic Old Greenwich neighborhood, our client tasked Décor Aid interior designer Urszula D. with giving their young family home a warm, modern spirit full of subtle nuances and clean, sophisticated, contemporary design. Going into this project, our client’s major motivation in seeking an interior designer was for them to feel welcome at […]

A Redesign For A Contemporary House In Westchester, NY

When our client’s family of four decided to move out of Manhattan, she reached out to Decor Aid, for assistance in furnishing and decorating the family’s new home in Westchester. Although she had already decorated a few upstairs rooms, our client needed help in sourcing and decorating the entire bottom floor of her house, and wanted the […]

A Pre-war Apartment Gets A Transitional Style Redesign

Finding the “perfect” New York City apartment can be all about choosing your battles. Having a space with great light and large windows might come at the expense of proximity to public transit. Nabbing a condo in the school district you want may mean having to settle for less-than-optimal square footage. For Lisa and Anthony, […]

Refined Rustic Weekend Getaway In Sag Harbor

When a repeat Décor Aid client purchased a condo in Sag Harbor, New York, he immediately came to us to transform it into a masculine weekend retreat. The home is in Watchcase, an 1881 factory building that was transformed from an eyesore into a sought-after luxury condominium development by Cape Advisors and Beyer Blinder Belle […]

Adding Warmth & Charm To Small Apartment Interior Design

With characterless residential buildings popping up from coast to coast, Décor Aid decorators are often tasked with adding a sense of personality and warmth to otherwise bland, generic apartments such as this weekend getaway in the heart of San Francisco. Unlike other small apartment interior design projects, our client was fortunate enough to have a […]

Lux Modern Design Home For An Ad Executive

The client came to Decor Aid early on in her home-buying process, anxious for a designer eye to help fill the newly renovated space. Her must-haves were simple: A sectional sofa for lounging, an upholstered bed with storage, and a small dining space. She brought with her a select handful of family heirlooms and some […]

San Francisco Beach Themed Decor Apartment

When a newlywed couple moved into their first proper San Francisco apartment, they reached out to Decor Aid, asking for assistance in transforming their newly purchased home in Mission District, into a relaxing sanctuary from city life. From the get-go, our client knew that they wanted to transform their apartment into a beach-inspired oasis. Their popular […]

Manhattan Family’s Perfect Summer Home In The Hamptons

When summer comes, it’s no shock that images of beaches, ice cream cones, and sand castles drift into everyone’s mind. Our clients, a Manhattan family of five, were no strangers to the desires of the season. The family loved the revamps we did, when Decor Aid previously transformed their duplex into a city chic family […]

Inspiring Warm Mid-Century Modern Apartment Interior Design

Braced with a bachelor who had little to no furniture in tow, Décor Aid interior designer Jennifer W. helped him find his style while creating a functional and beautiful space for him to settle down in. As a busy banker who found recent success after spending years working long hours, he was also looking to […]

A Charming Mid-Century Modern Refresh Sure To Inspire

When a client turned to Décor Aid to make their family home both kid-friendly and timelessly stylish, interior designer Vivian C. set about to create a living room and dining room by sourcing furnishings with curved edges to help alleviate everyday wear and tear from their young children. The end is a Mid-Century Modern apartment […]

A New York City Apartment Gets An interior Design Upgrade

After finding herself at ease in her San Francisco pied à terre that we decorated, a bicoastal executive turned back to Décor Aid for an interior design upgrade for her second home in New York City, with the same sense of everyday transitional glamor so she can feel at home on both coasts. To create […]

A Colonial House Makeover into Urban Style Home

A young couple moved from New York’s Upper East Side to New Canaan, Connecticut, with a classic conundrum: They wanted more space and a yard for their two young daughters, but they wanted to maintain their urban design style. The couple found a stately colonial with a lot more square footage than they had in […]

A Formal Multipurpose Room For An Upper West Side Family

When our client approached us about redesigning the living room in her family’s Upper West Side apartment, her goals were to revamp the room, bring in brighter colors, and give the space a more modern feel. When we arrived, the room was dominated by two couches that were too large for the space, and the […]

A Mid-Century Connecticut Summer House Renovation

The charm of Connecticut is all too apparent. It’s coastal string of towns and cities, known as the Gold Coast of Connecticut houses to locals, has been recently dubbed “The New Hamptons.”  A quick commute from New York City’s hustle and bustle, the state is charming, refreshing and quaint. Offering itself as an accessible retreat […]

suburban home exterior

Roof Types | 24 Best Roof Styles + Materials For Your Home

Often overlooked as a major architectural feature for any structure, the style of roof types and materials you add to your home can make all the difference, both visually and structurally, and roof styles can also have a dramatic impact on property value to boot. Whether you’re looking for new construction inspiration or are on […]

Blue wooden armchairs and couch in living room

Mid Century Modern Design Defined: How To Master It

Even if you’re not a design aficionado, chances are you’ve heard of mid century modern design and have most likely been in a room featuring the design style at one point in your life or another. And for good reason as this is one timeless, forever-chic design direction that never seems to lose traction or […]

A Mid Century Design Palace On The Upper East Side

New York’s excitement and energy is undeniably enchanting, but it also drives city dwellers to seek a respite from the city’s noise and frenetic pace. That’s exactly what a Manhattan couple wanted when they contacted Décor Aid to transform their brownstone into a tranquil home for themselves and their two young children. The five-level home […]

A Traditional Design Transformation In Upsate New York

Faced with an exacting dark wall color to work with throughout the home, Décor Aid interior designer Caroline Patterson injected light and airy elements for a refreshed take on the traditional. Braced with a new home that also came with some existing furnishings, our client knew he had an eye for traditional interior design, which […]

An Outdated Montauk Beach House Becomes Modern Retreat

A young couple came to us with an intriguing design challenge: they wanted to modernize their outdated retreat in Montauk for minimal expense. The British husband and American wife also just welcomed their first child, so they wanted the house to be beautiful, but it also had to be simple and easy to care for. […]

A Dark Co-op Apartment Convert Into An Urban Retreat

The clients for this particular interior design project came to us with a Manhattan home design request that might sound impossible—to transform an under-lit, cramped NYC co-op apartment into a spacious, airy urban retreat—on a budget, no less! Always up to the task, our interior designers were able to meet the client’s desire for affordable […]

A Modern Scandinavian Condo Overlooking Gramercy Park

Having a well-designed home shouldn’t mean sacrificing comfort. Our client, a young financier, faced this exact predicament when he purchased an apartment overlooking Gramercy Park. He wanted a clean and refined space that was perfect for lounging, while incorporating his well-manicured, functionalist aesthetic. When we arrived at the apartment, we realized that one of the […]

An Upper East Side Personalized Luxury Condo Interior Design

When her expanding family decided to move into a larger apartment, our client reached out to Decor Aid for help in decorating the new space. The new apartment had just been renovated, featured new appliances, and included several luxurious details, including hardwood floors. But like so many luxury condos, the existing space felt sterile, white, and cold. Our […]

A Country Modern Greenwich Home Renovation

A Country Modern Greenwich Home Renovation

It’s easy to see why New Yorkers are drawn to Greenwich, Connecticut: the charmingly rural town feels far removed from the city’s hectic environment, but it’s still a reasonable commute. For this project, which has been featured in HGTV, House Beautiful and Elle Décor, our clients–who work in Manhattan, wanted to re-imagine a 1970s-era New […]

Eclectic Loft Design Overlooking The Statue of Liberty

A couple with a young daughter moved from a traditional co-op in New York City’s West Village into an ultra-modern apartment in Battery Park City with floor-to-ceiling windows offering stunning views of New York Harbor and The Statue of Liberty. Over the years they had amassed a varied collection of furniture that worked perfectly within […]

A Radiant And Newly Renovated Townhouse Interior

Incorporating your art collection into a new space can be a daunting task. Our clients, a family of three, had this exact problem when they moved into a newly renovated townhouse. Their bright, bold artwork felt foreign in an all-white space. And so they asked us to reconcile their existing collection, while also creating a […]

A Luxurious Penthouse Overlooking Central Park West

When an international couple purchased a penthouse overlooking Central Park West, they tried to decorate the space themselves, but soon found the home design process to be demanding and arduous. So they reached out to Decor Aid, and asked for our help in designing the entire home—from sourcing the furniture, to laying out the space, […]

A One57 Luxury Condo Revamp Overlooking Central Park

A soaring residential skyscraper along Central Park South, One57 is a quintessentially New York property. So when a Silicon Valley tech investor purchased a condo on one of the building’s upper floors, he reached out to Decor Aid, and tasked us with creating an interior worthy of this landmark residence. Upon arriving at the space, […]

Grey Sofa

15 Ways To Style A Grey Sofa In Your Home

Some interior design blogs say that a grey sofa is boring or unoriginal. However, ask any interior designer for their takes on the forever-popular tend of gray sofas, and they’ll be sure to instantly disagree. In fact, a grey sofa has more decorating potential than any other furniture piece in your home. Think of a grey […]